Saturday, December 17, 2011

The argument over a jacket

As I sit at my table on Grand Manan, attempting to write a lecture titled: "Using your writing to your advantage" or some other lame-ass title for a pretty awesome speech, I realized I was hearing the echoing of my parents arguing wafted through the house. What were they arguing about, you ask...A jacket. Whose jacket was it? Where did it come from? Who bought the jacket?

My favorite quip came from my father as he said, "Well, I'm sorry but I didn't buy this jacket."
My mother's retort? "You might not have bought it but it's yours. Put it on."
Dad: "But I didn't need a work jacket."
Mom: "No, you needed a good jacket." (Round one goes to the mother)

As I listen to this slightly comedic argument ultimately won by mother who made my father try on the jacket, explaining the purpose of having said jacket, and basically just bombarding him with reasons why, yes, it was in fact his, it dawned on me about where I get my ability to argue. The opposing council would be shaking if they meet my mother.

Finally, in attempting to listen to the argument, I stepped on one cat, riled up two dogs, and spooked one cat into landing on the ceiling. I'm glad to be back but we've got some messed up animals in this house.

My first weekend home, however, is going to be mellow. I'm enjoying my time in bed (alone) and am all dolled up in my super-sexy pj's...they're certainly a 'hoot.' It's now 9:40...I'm off to snuggle into bed! Having no more class until January is amazing!


  1. Ohhhhhh I want to be a fly on the ceiling for that arguement which you know your mother will always win over you dad...she can't beat me though...OUR mother says we're to much

  2. lol, "Auntie", you might think she can't beat you, but as your evil twin, I know better.... ;)