Saturday, May 5, 2012

Everyone needs a Charlotte

As I sit here doing homework - okay, watching 'Sex and the City' (movie), I've realized that every girl needs a Charlotte. Now, for all of you who DON'T watch SATC (I personally suggest start), Charlotte is the friend who is boring. She doesn't party, doesn't get into crazy situations, she falls in love and has meaningful relationships, she has a child and is an amazing mom...sounds a little boring honestly.

There is this one moment, when Carrie is supposed to get married and is jilted, see's her boyfriend/fiancee/jiltee and starts hitting him with flowers. Big gets closer to talk to her while she's in Charlotte's arms - and Charlotte does this mother lion thing and just glares and says "NO, NO"...and stops him in his tracks.

Every woman needs a friend who is protective, and caring and may be 'boring' sometimes...but she's the one who's there. She's the one that has advice to help a relationship or a kid that won't sleep. She's the friend that squeals over the good news and announces it to the world but really is the mother-hen of the group.

Now, I'm going back to SATC.

Turtle moments, a sprained ankle and a long day

I had good intentions today...I really did. I planned to go get the UVA/UVB light needed for Ludwig and then come home and do homework...that didn't really happen though.

While walking through the mall, I realized my foot was getting even more sore...and then, I ended up falling as my ankle kind of 'let go'...and no, I wasn't drunk. Turns out I have a bad sprain and will need physio for it to repair the damage. Basically, my ankle has been sprained so many times it's more likely to continue (oh goody).

Ludwig - what an expensive pimped out turtle. She now has the bulb, a temperature gauge on the side of her tank, her rocks...her precious stick, a floating dock...and a calcium stick...oh, and her treats. She is loved...and yet, she hates me. What a girl.

Apart from that, now it's time for me to do homework and get my butt in gear. I want A's this term.


Well, that's interesting

Okay folks,

So my sister is getting married in the summer - August 11th. Are we close? Nope. I'll even say that a lot of this was my fault. I didn't always make the smartest choice when I was younger. That being said, I've done my best to at best, stay out of the way but to say she's frosty is an understatement. She's colder than an icicle in a Yukon winter half the time to me and just ignores me the rest of the time. Recently, I came home for a funeral and I didn't get a text, msg, email, nothing - the only time I saw her was when I invited her up for supper, which for some reason, my mother thought I should be happy about...and I'm digressing.

Mom told me tonight that she was getting 3 of her friends to stand up with her - I guess in a sense, I expected to be part of the wedding party. That's what sisters do, right? Well, apparently not. So I read some online articles about people in the same boat as I. Most said "It's her day, her decision" and I completely accept that...but it ignores the fact that the sister is STILL a little hurt and excluded.

I tend to have anxiety about 'what do people think?' and so, as people are thinking "Yay for the happy couple," I know I'd be wondering why someone's sister wasn't in the bridal party (especially in a small community). In a way, I just don't want to go. I know that sounds mean or I'm going to hear "you'll regret it"'s an 'in a way' thought. I'll probably be dragged along by somebody but this was sort of that 'last straw' thing. I just want to go home, throw myself into work, ignore everything else except work/volunteer work and go from there.

End of the day, I guess I am a little miffed but it's her day so congrats.

In other news, my friend who was going to call me right back (or text)...the one I decided I wasn't dealing with anymore, apparently doesn't want to be angry with me anymore (okay great) and...even busy with work since...5 days ago. Look, I get busy - funny thing, I really understand it. I also understand common courtesy. I'm just really sick and tired of it and I really am trying to understand it and be 'nice' but there's a part of me that just wants to say 'I'm really done". At that moment, when I texted him that time, he wasn't thanks for the lack of courtesy.

Again, I'm really having one of those weeks that may go down in history as just being sucky!

Gnight blog-world!

Facebook now Twitter

I have decided for the next 2 months (that is, until June 30 or when I'm done class) I will be off fb and twitter - that's right - I'm running old school. I will not be getting rid of my blog though - this thing is my life some days.

I'm really not sure what to think but if someone really wanted to get in contact with me, I'm sure they could. I can be contacted via the following ways:

e-mail (I will answer within 24 hours)

Phone - If you email me, I'll give you my number...unless you're a creeper or some pain in the butt, in which case, I'll pretend I'm going through a tunnel and hang up.

Mommy - yep, email her - unless it's about shenanigans then please, don't.

Friday, May 4, 2012

First day off facebook

So apart from one little slip up (I didn't even realize I was going on it), I haven't been on Facebook. I'm not going to lie - I'm kind of an addict. I feel like I'm not going to have any friends, like I'm going to miss out on my entire life - like I'm just completely alone...and that's okay!

This gives me more time to do homework, go places, do things - have fun! Today I read a book for sociology, ran into a friend (was a little short because I didn't have a lot of time as I was reading and that book is NOT simple). I'm going to do the write up tonight and get this assignment out of the way...and then focus on English tomorrow.

Now, I do have a sprained ankle so no jogging for awhile. My left ankle was bad last night but it's hurting today. Ouch.

Apart from that, I broke down and messaged my friend who I wasn't going to talk to anymore - yep, I know - absolutely no resolve. The thing is: if something happened, say he got hurt or something, and the last thing I remember was "wow, we were fighting terribly" I'd feel like an awful person. Now, I still believe he's been a huge jerk...but he's been a good friend before, so hopefully he's smartened up a bit. I hate arguing via text too - too often it's just a misunderstanding - not a real issue. Fingers crossed.

Anyways - off to work on sociology then english then...GRIMM!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

No longer a FB junkie

Well, I'm sure my blog hits are going to suffer for this but I don't really care - I got rid of my FB account. Why, you might ask? It's because I've spent so much time on it recently and honestly, I'm tired of getting updates about everyones life all the time. I just don't care that much. It's been a miserable month and I'm just ready for a break from social media in general.

I'll be staying around with my blog though and I do love my Twitter Account (@tinkertimes).

Let's see how long this lasts!

The one thing I've wanted to say but won't because I'm better than that

To whom it may concern,

Shove it.


Samantha Tinker


So I didn't get the Grad Class Coordinator position but apparently I have a lot of enthusiasm etc etc etc and they're really hoping I'll get involved and...yeah, I kinda stopped reading there.

Okay, why would I really want to get involved at the moment? Once again, I'm not good enough. Yeah yeah, I know, don't take it personally but it's really hard NOT to take this sort of thing personally. It's even harder to just say "Oh goody, why don't I just go rub salt in my wounds of 'taking it personally' and help out while I'm at it?" -no thanks.

So no matter how nicely the email is worded, it's still just an email saying "yep, not good enough"...So thank you for once again reminding me of that. And yes, I'm sad and yes, I'm grumpy but I'm sure the person that got it will do an awesome job and she is a sweetie so at least, if I get a chance to go to these events, it'll be great.

Studying for a test

I have an exam in 2 hours 48 minutes. I have been 'studying' *cough* since 8am. Here's how it looks so far:

-Wake up
-Turn on turtle light
-Watch turtle (now 8:10) and talk to it "awww...who's a cute turtle? You are!"
-Make breakfast (allbran, strawberries, banana, almond milk), eat it.
-Sit at computer, check email (8:20).
-Need to pee. Back from peeing.
-Watch turtle more - insert ooooh aaahhhh here.
-Need coffee - make coffee - drink coffee - love coffee (8:30).
-Check facebook (9:00)
-Talk to mom (now 10:00am)
-Watch turtle more (10:13)
-Decide to blog (10:15)

Crap. Studying failure right here. Time to get back to work.

Ludwig has a friend!

I am the proud new owner of two guppies - Mr. Frank Burns and Ms. Margaret "Hotlips" Hoolihan.

If they live more than 3 days with my cute but skittish (and well-fed so shouldn't have a guppy-snack), turtle I will get pics posted.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fool me once...

Fool me twice...shame on me. So the person who is in my phone listed under "Just don't" began texting and of course, I answer. And I'm just through with it. There is a huge friggin' difference between being no. 2, 3, 4 etc on the list - but I don't even really think I'm on it...

Apparently though, I'm passive aggressive & he doesn't understand how come I'm upset but he knows I "don't like this situation"...

Sure, that's it entirely - I'm definitely going to get angry over something that's entirely out of his control. Anyways, I have things to do and work to finish up and my parents are coming up tomorrow.

As always, I'll always end up forgiving my friends - it's just what I do...but it doesn't mean this doesn't hurt a lot either. Thing about friendships - there's only so much crap you can take before you realize the manure has overridden the friendship.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 Tips for Pooping in Public

I have recently moved from the Mac residence building of UNBSJ to the Dunn Residence (about a 5 minute walk) and have gone from having my own bathroom to sharing two toilets and one shower with the other girls on this floor (I think there are two but I could be entirely wrong).  Now, for those of you who are thinking "I could never share a bathroom" I say  - get over it.  It's not that bad and most of the time, it's not even gross. 

That being said - there are some tips and tricks to keeping your bodily functions from being the talk of the town and keep everyone happy (that being said, if there's someone not following these rules - send them my way...I always love getting 'hits').  So if your bum is sharing a throne - listen up folks!

Top 10 Tips for Communal Potty Usage

1) Flush- Ignore the saying "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down."  Do you know what urine smells like after two days in a warm bathroom? I do. It's not pleasant.  No one wants to flush your pee or worse, have it splash on them when they are peeing.  Graphic images people, graphic images.

2) Don't wait until you're dancing- We've all waited until we 'reallyneedtogorightnow' but what if you're doing the potty dance...and the stalls are full (also, don't wait until the last minute to grab a shower either because someone could be in there).  It's unpleasant and can cause bladder infections - painful.

3) Sanitation- Wash your friggin' hands and wash them well!  This absolutely grosses me out and I am one of those people that will wrap the door handle in paper towel if you leave without washing.  Also, it's really obvious to figure out who it is because you can hear water running, rinse, leave if they wash.

4) Just do it- Say it with me "Everybody poops"...I cannot believe I am writing this.  Okay folks, if you're using a communal bathroom, it's expected - and while it's not pleasant you can either find a single person bathroom (there is usually one in the building) or you can wait until no one is around - or you can bring in your own air freshener...but just do it. (I feel like I should ask KP for advice on this - she lived in the Dunn last year on the 3rd floor). That being said grunts, groans, and other weird noises should be kept to a minimum.

5) Some things need to be done in your room- Okay folks, if you need to wash your delicates, clip your toenails, any sexual encounters, waxing areas of your body you don't generally show off (umm...waxing in general - it makes me cringe) and your bulimia problem should all be kept in your room.  For the record on the last thing, bulimia is a serious illness which should never be taken lightly but you don't necessarily need your entire floor to know your business either - especially if already getting help.  If you're flu-sick, throw up wherever, if you're making yourself sick, call a doctor or talk to someone and get help.  It is a hard situation though when you're a floormate trying to figure out if someone just has stomach issues or if they're making themselves sick - insert awkward conversation. 

6) What you hear is forgotten - So you walked in and 2 people are on the throne having a conversation about something private - herpes outbreak, sex with a first cousin, I dunno, something you weren't supposed to hear.  Walk out of washroom and pretend you heard nothing.  That is NONE of your business. This also goes for weird bathroom noises. The pooper has the responsibility to keep grunting to a minimum...the poopee (nope, that doesn't work) other person should not acknowledge it. 

7) It's not romantic when - Public washrooms are not the place to hook up.  Do you understand me? Do not do it.  Ever.  If you THINK you can get caught, don't do it...and hint, it's a public bathroom - you can ALWAYS get caught.  Showering is a grey area.  If I don't know about it, I don't care - but I would suggest don't. 

8) Respect thy Cleaning Lady- Our cleaning lady is Irene.  She is a lovely woman with a son and a husband, speaks great french, likes coffee and has the best personality ever!  Respect her.  This means: don't leave trash in the halls, don't party and expect 'someone else' will clean it up, help her by opening the door for her, get her thank you flowers/chocolates/etc.  Oh, and don't put your garbage in the communal trash bins.  Take it to the dumpster.  If you're really THAT lazy that you would expect an older lady to clean up your personal trash, you're an ass.  Now, for the bathrooms - clean up your stuff. It's simple...wash shaving cream off shower before it dries, don't leave all your crap in the bathroom - stuff like that.

9) Respect thy neighbours- This includes but is not limited to: voice down in the halls, share the communal areas, be polite, do not wake thy grumpy neighbour up at 2am after staggering home from the bar.  One of my most memorable res moments was first year, some guy kept playing his music/talking on Skype at about 4am.  I offered to launch his butt into the dumpster while in a t-shirt, underwear and crazy bed-head hair.  It was not a 'nice Sammy' moment but "soft kitty" wasn't invented back then and I was sleepy.  It can be something as simple as offering to help them with nice...and DO NOT TAKE 3 HOUR SHOWERS!  See, communal pooping rules have outside rules too!

10) Safety- Do NOT let them in though unless you know who they are. "Tailgating" - letting a stranger follow you in - means there's someone you don't know and realistically, who's to say they don't haul out a knife, take you back to your room, and murder you?  Okay, that's extreme - but it's possible. Over 60% of campus rapes happen in the person's personal dorm room. Generally, alcohol is involved but be safe.  You wouldn't let a stranger into your house - don't let them into your res. This has nothing to do with communal bathroom rules but I couldn't think of a 10th and it's almost 2am.

Time for bed folks!  Gnight and enjoy your shared potty! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Figured it out

Of course, I've said it before - the best brainwaves come to me while peeing. I don't understand the bladder/brain connection but I'll take it.

I've 'let go' of a friend recently - he's now in my phone as "Just don't text/answer" because I don't have caller ID, he's off my FB, not a Twitter-addict, so the bridge's haven't been burned - but they've been detoured around me.

I finally figured out why I did this though. My ex-husband used to always think the worst of me - I wasn't smart enough, pretty enough, was doing things wrong, I broke something, anything he could use to attack me, he did and he was good at it. I never felt lower than when he went in for a verbal attack and I really was worthless in my mind...and perhaps in his. I was too emotional, always overreacting, crazy, whatever he could throw at me, he did it in spades.

Now, don't get me wrong, my friend has NOT done that...but he does jump to thinking the worst with me before he even realizes what he's doing...and I internalize it and begin to question myself, stress about it, and feel badly for it. I started to question if it was an image problem - something I was doing or saying that was 'wrong'...but even if it was, for someone to think the worst of a friend - that doesn't add up.

Fact is, I don't want to be the person that screws everything up - heard that one before. I don't want to be the person who is constantly looking over her shoulder either, wondering if what I do is right or wrong or perceived a certain way. Thanks but no thanks. I did that years ago and it doesn't work - people think what they want to think.

So I figured it out in my 30-second bathroom run - and if I thought I could change how I felt about this, I probably would - but sometimes, it's easier to let go for awhile, reevaluate everything and go from there.