Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secrets of the Sammy

Insert ominous music here...okay not really. Each of us has our secrets, whether it's "It slipped in accidentally so I refuse to believe it counts' or 'I don't have an online dating account...I have six.' They're stupid little secrets but usually those are the ones that are the most fun to tell people when they slip out!

Top 10 Not-So Dirty Little Secrets

1) If you're shorter than me, no matter how hot you are, I want to pick you and and cuddle you like a puppy dog.

2) I like mustard on a spoon as a snack

3) I am lazy when it comes to clothing. If I'm in a dress, it's because I'm too lazy to find a pant/t-shirt combo and underwear is always optional unless the skirt is really short.

4) I find older guys to be much sexier than guys my age which is why I rarely date anyone under 29. It started when I was hooked on Andy Griffith as a, it's Anderson Cooper.

5) I still have a Neopets account from when I was a teenager...okay, that's rather embarrassing

6) I will easily spend an hour on my hair and makeup on most days.

7) I am so anal about time. I need to know what time something is happening, panic about being late and get really pissed when people are late.

8) Jumping in the puddles is my favorite activity in the world

9) I have Backstreet Boys on my I-pod.

10) I am a terrible sleeper. I snore, I drool, I cuddle, I kick, I steal the covers. I make a terrible sleeping buddy :)

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