Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shout out

Hey loyal minions - I mean, readers...I can dream, right?

For those of you who are interested in photography, check out a blog called 'Gecko with Canon'. I've been ranting to my friends about how awesome it is and really think everyone should check it out.

For the record, my favorite pic is still the one with the caption Gecko 1 Cockroach 0.


It's not always black/white

Have you ever read a story and thought "I wonder if there's more to that?" I first started really noticing this when I began writing for the paper, but it only truly began scaring me this past year.

A perfect example of this is when my mother called me over a story she had read. A man had called the police because his neighbor had been having prayer meetings over there. Mom was a little outraged - the police being called over a Christian prayer meeting?

It seemed as though the government was once again on the backs of the church...oh wait - the neighbor's view hadn't been fully expressed - there were between 30-40 cars parked on his street, blocking him in his driveway, he'd been dealing with it for weeks, asked the people to go elsewhere, and did I mention, it's a fire-code violation?

In day to day life, I meet people who are dead-set in their ways. It can be little things (what kind of laundry detergent is best) or huge issues (being gay is a sin or it isn't). The fact is, what we see as truth isn't always black and white. It means we actually have to take a step back from what we perceive to be true and look at it from other perspectives, something that admittedly isn't easy to do.

The person who 'lied' may actually have been telling the truth in their mind - facts get jumbled, dates get messed up, ideas change - it's confusing in the mind of someone else. Anyways, that's my tidbit rant for the night...I'm off to watch a movie with Pookie (yep, he's still around - surprised? What do you think I am? :)


Top Ten Essay Writing Tips

Okay ladies and gentlemen of the university scene. Welcome to Sam Tinker, author of the notorious 'TinkerTimes Blog' Writing Course for Dummies. Today we will focus on how to write an essay in 10 easy steps. This may very well change your life (and if it does, please slip a thank you note with 10$ enclosed under my dorm room door).

1) Get food and drink - you will be hungry because your brain is frying. I suggest veggies to start with water and then, as the due date draws near, move to chocolate, candy and diet pepsi. Crisps are always a good choice too as is pizza.

2) Background noise - This is debatable. I prefer background noise (usually TLC) but some people get distracted (Admittedly, I do). Decide what you need and do it.

3) The later, the more creative - When 3am comes, you're going to want to go to bed and, like being drunk, your inhibitions will go down. You'll make crazy connections to random crap and think it's brilliant...and sometimes it is. Go with it. Sleep is for the weak...and the failing.

4) Research - I get at least 10 pages of single spaced research before I even attempt my essay. If you can do this, you can write. It may still be crap - but at least you are handing in something and it shows you did try.

5) Tylenol and heating pads - Not only for that time of the month, but for the stress in the back of your neck and shoulders as well as the hunchback position you've maintained for the entire week...medication is your friend.

6) Coffee - Tea is no substitute. Get your coffee and drink it like a man. If you stir it and your spoon comes out unscathed, make it stronger. Chew it...chew it....

7) Get comfy - To all you girls that try to look cute all the time, up yours. When writing an essay, you should look like crap. Hair does not need to be brushed (either on head or legs), you will probably smell like stale pizza and coffee after 24 hours in the same spot, there will be black circles engulfing your face and sweat pants are your pantsuit. Deal with it and don't answer the door.

8) Don't get too lazy - Please still put on deodorant, brush teeth and shower occasionally. If there was a fire in res, I don't want to be stuck next to the stinky one.

9) Forget your diet - It makes people crazy. Go for the good food. Expect to gain a little weight at the end of the semester if you're an emotional eater - or just like snacking. The summer is coming and so is the good running season.

10) Reward yourself - Make a list of all the things you'll do for yourself when finished this essay but at least take a few hours to yourself before delving back into the research that is a history major's life.


Lately I have been missing in blog-land and I have been missing the writing. There's something calming about being able to get my version of the truth on 'paper.' March Break has certainly not been a break for me - but it's been necessary! From going home and seeing EL, my niece for the second time in her little life, to spending time with my boyfriend when I'm NOT doing homework (One essay down, one to go and some reading to do)...I can't say it's been a 'fun' week, but it's been good.

I had the chance to read five books for pleasure: 'The Help' the second and third books of the Percy Jackson series, and the first and second book of the Red Pyramid series (Same author - I'm on a role). I can honestly say, if you want a book to read, check out Rick Riordan's. The Help was also one of the best books I have ever read and I will be buying it (when I have money).

I've been dealing with a lot of stress lately because of this stupid desire to be perfect. I've pretty much accepted I may not have the grades to be a lawyer...but darn it, I'll find a way in even if it means sitting in on classes until they accept me. I will get there.

Apart from that, the break has been rather dull - another paper's coming out, I'm having a good day reading some more books - may go to Starbucks later as SJ has no tiny independent coffee house (sad face here) that I know of.



Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do you have a tail-feather?

Guess what? I'm writing an essay - okay, technically I'm procrastinating. Since I am officially swamped, I'm going to quickly write down the posts I will be blogging tonight when this essay is complete:

1) Boyfriend drinking = ass

2) The Help (Stayed up until 4:30 am reading it...)

3) Electroshock as a sexual stimulant

4) How to write an essay.

Look forward to this and more random crazy crap that comes out of my fingers only at The Tinker Times!

Don't even bother

To all the idiots who believe birth control should not be covered by insurance,

Perhaps Viagra should not be covered as well - think about it - if a man can't get it up, the woman's probably not getting knocked up.

Just saying,


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here's to the good life

I woke up this morning to my mother doing what she does most amazingly - waking me up. She wakes me up involves a loud "Time to get up"...because at the age of 25, that's exactly what I want to have wake me up.

So when I groan, roll over and say "Ugh-gooba-vlalh" (translation: Leave me alone, woman), she proceeds to attempt to steal my blankets and I am transformed into the girl from the Exorcist clinging to my blankets and being tossed around. The only thing that didn't happen was a pea-soup incident.

Now, admittedly I love my mother -a lot . She's a lovely woman during waking hours but I wish I had less waking hours when I'm down home.