Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Plans

While others are off to parties and events, I am planning my perfect New Years eve.

First, I will be alone. Now, this may lonely and depressing to some but I'm constantly around people so I enjoy my time alone.

Next, there will be bacon. Yes, bacon. The gateway meat. I'm not sure if this is finalized yet...but what a way to ring in the new year :D

There will also be shark movies, a fuzzy blanket and my feet off the floor because sharks do, in fact, live under my couch.

Finally, there will be diet pepsi and coffee and chocolate. I will be wired.

Let the bacon hangover commence.

More photos from Christmas

Dad trying on his new bathrobe...that's right, he's a Trekkie
Santa (Dad) holding the Christmas kitty, Esme.
Dad and my other cat, Diablo, who looks ever so impressed

Friday, December 30, 2011

The beast on my head

Warning: Looking at this picture may cause you to laugh uncontrollably for extended periods of time!

While my current hairstyle is, dare I say it, strikingly amazing, my morning hair is something of a disaster. I tried to kill it once, thinking it was an evil alien trying to attack me or perhaps, a rare form of hairy spider. I ended up with a lump on my head without a Bump-it...which I refuse to use.

My morning hair has a life of it's own...a terrible, knotted, frizzy, poofy and just mind-blowing personality that I had no choice but to put a picture on my blog for everyone else to enjoy. It's so bad, it's good.

Good morning all, I just crawled out of bed!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Judging should be left to the professionals

Yesterday, I was called out on judging someone based on their past and other people's opinion's/ideas. While I would like to say this person was wrong, I can't. I ended up apologizing without actually knowing if they were or were not a good person.

I've been able to hide my youthful indiscretions better than the average university student and my reputation has come out rather unscathed. Admittedly, I have been lucky, not smart.

While I can't say I am fond of this new friend's past (let's call him X), the past should not be the only determining factor in learning about a person and calling them a friend. People can, and do, change and if my friends based their friendship with me on my past...I don't believe I'd have any friends left. I do realize that I could be totally off-base with my assessment of X and decide he's a jerk in the future, but I'm not usually that wrong about people.

I was recently judged based on my past behaviour, which admittedly deserved judgement but this time, I was left crying foul. While I could understand this person's (nickname: E) position, I felt it was unfair and that I have attempted to show that I have changed

I realized, because of my stupid decision, how much I could hurt people and so, I've attempted to change my attitude in many areas. My friendships are much more valuable now but also, my family relationships are the most important thing to me and I try not to take them for granted.

I realized that, while E may not be happy with this decision to hang out with X (confused yet?), she is looking at it from the perspective of what happened last time. I can understand that and so I'm just stepping back from her and giving her time to see there is a difference in my attitude.

I truly do care if she gets hurt and I actively don't want that to happen. I care about my friends and especially more about my family. I also care about the right decision for me...not just the 'right now' decision.

I was forced, albeit it without a comment from X, to eat crow (the veggie version which may very well be a brussel sprout) and admit that I have been judgmental and at times, rather rude. Furthermore, I realized more about myself and had an amazing day in the city.

Being judged is one of the things I have been upset with E about. Talk about a huge helping of humble pie.

So, here's to new friendships and to preserving old one's but mostly, here's to knowing the right decision and sticking with it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TLC's Toddler's and Tiaras

As I'm watching "How to abuse your child 101" aka 'Toddler's and Tiara's', I have noticed the majority of pageant moms are extremely frumpy.

While I understand that they probably don't have tons of time to get dolled up, they look even uglier next to their glitzed up kids. I mean, a little concealer never hurt anyone. Honestly, it didn't.

And if you know the camera adds ten pounds, here's a thought...lose ten pounds. Put down the cheeseburger, Red Bull and pixie sticks and have a side salad.

Yes, it's mean but watching children get more beauty treatments than I do puts me in a grumpy mood.

Wishing I could feel nothing

When I started this blog, I determined that no matter who read it, I was going to write. If I would be okay writing it anonymously, I was going to write it. Sometimes, that bites me right in the butt because people either take my sarcasm seriously (and yes, there is sarcasm), or I feel like this and am not sure what to write.

I was asked out for the 1st of January...why not New Years Eve you ask? Well, it's because he has a date. While logically, I understand this is not an exclusive relationship nor have I been completely innocent as per usual but I didn't expect my stomach to feel just a little deflated.

I feel stupid writing this because I understand that it's slightly illogical but who said emotions are supposed to be logical?

I think I'm more irritated that I feel like I'm the 'next day date' and I'm not really okay with that. I don't do sloppy-seconds, I don't want to be second-fiddle and while I've said before, I'm pretty new to actually dating, I dont' think I like this aspect of it.

I'm starting to consider just taking myself out of the dating scene altogether. It just seems like logic and emotions are too intertwined but have to be separate. I feel like I'm playing a game that I don't know the entire rulebook for.

Asking the right questions

As watching 'The Doctors' the question was finding out about what was TMI on a first date. Personally, I don't believe in dating someone I don't know at all...I'd rather know the basics: Religion, politics, how they feel about dating/marriage, health etc. Even the 'taboo' subjects like, what's your number? Last time they had an STD/STI check? Do they have an STD? Do I know their ex's?

I mean, lets be realistic, why would I date someone and perhaps develop an emotional attachment to someone who doesn't hit my expectations? I want to know if someone has been married (or perhaps, is married), whether they have a political affiliation, and their religion.

Doesn't it make more sense to text/chat before the date and maybe get to know one another? I mean, what happens if you have nothing in much easier to say "yeah, not interested at all" via computer.

Also, I'm a firm believer in having a list of deal-breakers. For example:

-If you're sexually active and haven't had an STD test, you don't stand a chance with me. If you don't care about your own health, you don't care about mine and in today's world, it's ignorance only to not be tested.

-If (by this age) you just haven't thought about religion and politics and have no idea what your values are. It doesn't mean this won't change, but at least it's something that you've thought about.

-If you hate all your ex's, chances are I'll just be another girl you hate eventually. I'm good thanks.

-If I know your ex's. I'm from a small town and I know people from all over lower NB. There's a difference between knowing one or two of the ex's and saying "okay well it was a decent relationship" and saying "oh...umm...I know that person. Ew." It just gets rather irritating and I don't feel like a relationship should be irritating so I'm good just being friends. Could this change? Sure. Would it be a rare possibility? Absolutely!

People SHOULD be picky about who they date...this could be the person you spend a very long time with and you may as well ask questions that are pass/fail to weed out the people you don't want to date.

Just a thought

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The epic lazy day I so very much deserve

T0day has been the day every university student dreams of - I woke up, got breakfast, took a nap, watched stupid tv, played DDR, and am now baking cupcakes and playing Rockband. I got out of my pajamas's around noon to batten down the hatches in sweatpants.

It was a LOVELY day.

I'm on the first boat tomorrow to the mainland. For all you 'non-Islanders', Grand Manan is a little tiny island (think 20 miles long give or take) in the middle of the Bay of Fundy. It takes a ninety minute boat ride to get here. And to clear up any questions:

Yes, we have power
No, we don't live in igloos
Yes we have the internet
No, we don't have a bridge
Yes, people live here year round
Yes, we have a liquor store, grocery store, police, and even a Greco
No, there is no Starbucks, Tim Hortons or pizza delivery

To get to the mainland, it means getting up at about 5am to get showered, hair done, clothes on, and perhaps a cup of coffee before getting onto the boat (which does hold cars) and then being picked up on the other side (as I don't have a car).

I'm spending the day with a new friend so it should be interesting. I get the feeling he's developed a bit of a crush so I'm attempting to explain I really am horrible dating material.

-I'm grumpy most of the time from a conglomeration of work/school/people who I can't point fingers at but her name rhymes with Zillian...and the only Asian who's not good at math (for the record, that is not meant to be a racist comment but a poke at a quote someone gave me for the newspaper as he was hired for the financial position because he was good at math but it took him forever to create a budget and had to have some very simple concepts explained to him). He sparkles. And grades, I'm usually grumpy about grades.

-I snore. I also drool, kick, scream and talk in my sleep...if I sleep. I usually have too much homework and other stuff to do so I get to a point of being grumpy. Vicious circle.

-I am addicted to caffeine. It's bad.

-I'm vegetarian. I don't even want to cook meat anymore...I will but it's yucky.

-Not a fan of babies

-Too big a fan of whiskey

...apart from that, I'm just that awesome :P

On an awesome note though, my s'more cupcakes came out beautifully.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh Boxing Day Goodness

Christmas is over and it was great to see all the family, have supper together and just spend the day together. I love my family and although Christmas is draining, it's one of my favorite times of the year now...mostly because I stopped stressing out about it all the time.

Now, onto the normalcy of life again. First off...LOOK AT THE POOF! This is the results of back-combing, plus hairspray, plus G2B volumizing powder (For the record, it works just as well as Chi and is about 75% cheaper). Also, there's my tub at my mom's house, a towel...and some shampoo...
Second awesome event...French Toast for breakfast!!! I made Vanilla Soy milk French Toast with cinnamon, strawberries, maple syrup and whipped cream. I woke up late so it counts as breakfast and dinner so no worries about calories either.
Finally, I am currently off to see my Grandparents and am going to continue having an awesome day! I'll still be excited to get back to Saint John though!