Saturday, May 12, 2012

Favorite discovered quote

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain."

From the wise mind of Maya Angelou

The 10 pick from youtube

Go to Youtube, pick a band you know - now click on the side links (any of them but if you don't know them, even better) 10 times. Whatever you land on, listen to and actually give it a chance. I found out I like Rita Ora. A little more 'pop' than what I like - but definitely not bad (I started with Lana Del Ray...still not a fan although she invokes some interesting memories).

Anyways, back to Frost - get this done, then off to a friend's house for the evening - then other stuff that probably shouldn't go on my blog ;)


So my friend Eyoha and I have this crazy vision - it involves jumping out of a plane for the fun of it. So...that's what we're doing in June. This is my Birthday/Christmas/I miss Eyoha present to myself and I'm going to do it.

I do believe I'm truly insane.

So is he ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

oh facepalm...huge facepalm

Have you ever sent out a text and then gone "Crap. I should NOT have sent that." Seriously, just sent a really adorable guy (and amazing kisser) a text saying "hey do you still believe in monogamy?"


Wreck this Journal

So I splurged today in a new book called "Wreck this Journal"...the goal is to go through the book and literally destroy it. On each page, there is a goal - from "drip something here and fold book to make a print" to "eat colourful candy and lick the page"...each day, until done...I'm going to post how I wrecked my journal. Starting with today:

Today, I picked up my journal without using my hands...I used my teeth...thought about my feet but if I ever have to put my tongue on it...I also filled a page up with circles, broke the spine and wrote some thoughts down :) anyways, it was good tastes a little like plastic though. :)

Thanks guys

I have to send a huge shoutout to the people that put notes on my blogs! I really appreciate the support and love that people send out. I don't think the girl they picked will fail - like I said, she's amazingly awesome and adorable! She really does deserve to be in there and if I lost out, I'm glad they picked her :)

You guys really make my day though! Just the support and motivation I get on a regular basis really makes me happy! So thank you! And continue as I go through my day...I have a new hobby on the go!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

To the 61% of North Carolina residents...

To the residents of North Carolina who voted yes,

Go to a mirror. Tell me what you see.

Have you ever had sex outside of marriage? sinner.

Have you ever lusted (yep, that's right - at the beach, you noticed her booty and had a dirty thought)? Sinner.

Have you ever said a curse word? or disrespected your parents? Have you ever stolen something (anything - even that pencil accidentally)...hmm...sinner.

Have you ever gotten drunk - or heaven forbid, high? -Sinner again.

But look the other way at the things you do every day, the things that are legal - like drinking, adultery, or cursing, and then, throw stones at people who are gay and say it's immoral. Not only is it immoral - but now, it's illegal for gay people to be married in NC?

Really? Because Christians and religious folk and straight people in general aren't screwing marriage up enough as is?

Maybe it should be up to the churches to decide if they're okay with marrying gay people - I'm okay with that. I'm okay with a church saying "No" because they can say no to straight people too! So if it's ever your son or daughter, if it's ever your friend or loved one that comes out of the closet, you have allowed the government to determine a moral issue.

Maybe you should fight for prohibition next...

Feeling better

Although I still can't sleep (for some reason, my body thinks 4am is a good time to go to bed and 11:36 is a good time to get up), I am feeling better about the past month.

I think time does help fix everything - and so does just saying "You know what guys...suck my big toe." I've come to accept that my time is really valuable because I almost always have a hard time FINDING time to do something just for me.

So, instead of holing myself up in my room all the time, I take off to City Market, grab a coffee and work on homework there. Instead of searching for keys (that yes, I do need to take back but I can't find them at the moment), I go for a hobble (I'd say run but I'm still limping).

So here's to living, not just focusing on one thing or another. Here's to a summer of good times, good friends, good days, and happy moments. Here's to just enjoying life! Oh - and here's hoping for SUNSHINE! This rain is making me moldy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 good things today

1) My prof sounds like a radio announcer
2) I got to say "I'm really not picking on the Catholics"
3) I got hair dye for 5.99$ YAY
4) I found my Wheat Puffs - they taste like packing material but are squeeky yummy!
5) I found my book
6) I got blueberry wine (YUMMY)
7) I drank blueberry wine
8) Coffee at Java Moose - I love City Market
9) Drank NO diet pepsi (amazing!!!)
10) I found more poems online so that I don't need to buy a 100$ book (woot woot)

Wine Wondering

A couple minutes before class

As I sit here, waiting for class to start, I realize that I have yet to put my blueberry wine from my tote in the fridge....I have wine. In class. My bad.

The good news is that this is New Brunswick wine and is pretty darn amazing!

Time for class!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recipe from the desk of ME!

Okay, so I am planning to have beans and rice tomorrow which, as many of you know, is a staple food in my diet. That being said - rice and beans is a pretty boring meal unless you can add some flavour to it - that's where my recipe comes in.

Easy enough - Make rice, add rinsed canned black beans (or whatever you have kicking around - I prefer black beans though). Then add Ginger Lime Salsa throughout. Make this the night before and see how it goes:

1/2 tomato chopped
1 lime cut into quarters and squeeze (bang the lime around a lot before hand and it gives more juice)
about 1-2 tbsp of ginger (depends on how much you like it)
1/2 medium onion finely chopped
1 pack of sugar or Splenda
a bit of finely cut up hot peppers (whatever kind you want - I like Scottish bonnets because they're so darn cute)

Cut everything up, throw it in a container, chill it overnight, mix in with rice and beans. I'm pretty sure this would be amazing with chicken or make a large batch, heat and serve with taco chips.

Now, a few questions (and even answers)

Q:Why canned beans?
A: Because I'm lazy and don't want to soak beans overnight

Q: Can I used dried spices (ginger, hot peppers)?
A: No! You're not getting the true flavour (or the health benefits). Even I'm not that lazy...and I'm a REALLY lazy cook!

Q: Can I use other ingredients?
Yeppers - but you have to tell me what you used and how it turned out!

Q: I've fallen in love with you because of your cooking - can I marry you?
Sorry, I'm already technically married...if you can convince my good-for-nothing ex to get divorced, I'll consider it. I'll warn you, I'll probably say no though. I'm not a fan of the idea of me getting married again. Unless you're rich. Then we'll talk.