Friday, December 16, 2011

25 things I cannot do on Grand Manan

I realized as I was curled up in someone else's bed enjoying the remnants of a whiskey buzz that I was going to be home for almost three whole entire weeks. Three weeks. Almost 21 days. After I stopped mentally cursing (okay, so there was some vocal cursing as well), I realized I was pretty happy to be going home for the holidays but I was going to miss my freedom in Saint John.

Being from a small town (we're talking 1500 people tops - we get excited over a new streetlight small), there's a few things I can't do for a few good reasons. As per my usual blog-quickly style since I am slightly exhausted and ready for goes. 25 things I cannot do on Grand Manan

-Get off Grand Manan any time I want
-See a certain bloke who believes I'm ridiculously young and wearing false eyelashes
-Get Starbucks and chill with a book there
-Relax in my office
-Go to the library with a coffee (apparently, the GM library is archaic and believes students don't need caffeine and then we wonder why the good kids are on Ritalin)
-Hook up with a stranger (not that I'd want to...but I know everyone here so they're not strangers)
-Anything in secret (literally, can't get away with anything)
-Go see a movie at the theater
-Eat fast food (we don't have it)
-Get Tim Horton's coffee (don't have that either)
-Go to a club (not that I really go to clubs, but we don't have those either)
-Date (I'm related to most of them, the others are married or diseased)
-Take public transit...guess what, we don't have that either
-Go to a comment on the slight excuse for a bar that we may or may not have because it's absolutely useless.
-Go outside my room without getting dog/cat hair on my clothes
-Eat real ethnic food
-Have pizza delivered
-Order pizza past 10pm...possibly 9
-Walk around the entire grocery store and not know anyone
-Get my heel fixed on my shoe
-Wear short/cute clothing without getting grumped at by my grandparents or mother
-Speed...there's just no point (the movement, not the drug).
-Steal a car (where would I take it? There's water all around me).
-Get channels about 35 on cable
And finally...I can't wear heels because there is no good sidewalks and everything is too far.

Since I'm being whiny and grumpy, I'm taking my whiskey and going to bed...sans whiskey. G'night and let the Christmas countdown commence.

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