Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gun Control

There was another school shooting in the States and lack of gun regulation has been blamed.  Guns need to be regulated better, we need to give OTHER people guns to protect themselves etc etc.  I'm not for or against gun control - I think it has it's place but tends to go too far when it is controlled.  Then again, I think the right to bear arms right should have been rewritten when assault weapons were invented.  Here's my thoughts for all they're worth - it's something that has bothered me for awhile and please remember, while I value your feedback, if you're an ass about it - this is my world and I can/will delete your comments and then make fun of you in real life. 

First off, people are hurt. Quit yapping about gun control and focus on the victims NOT YOUR POLITICAL AGENDA! Now is not the time for that.  Tomorrow isn't either

Second, quit sensationalizing it.  Quit having the media down there talking to little kids.  Write your local news station and boycott anything with images or graphic detail.  Tell people off that are talking about the shooter by asking "What are the names of the victims?" Emphasize the victim and forget the shooter.  Why? Because when someone is so alone and so depressed, they may feel that at least someone heard their cry before they killed themself or before they snapped.  To a person who isn't seeing the world "normally" (speaking from someone who has heard voices telling me to kill myself), the shooters are celebrity-status and that's scary.

Third, to the people who say "guns don't kill people, people kill people", I say "Guns don't protect people, people protect people." Get to know your neighborhood. Learn to be a kind neighbor.  When you think someone is being abused, talk to them - pry into their life.  When you feel warning signs about someone being suicidal or having a mental illness or having a breakdown, intervene.  Call someone for help.  Talk to people, talk to the person. Let them know you care and do not stop.  When people say "it takes a village"...this isn't just about a child - it's about people.  Look, I refuse to believe that people who commit murder like this are perfectly fine.  People don't go "wow, I have a great job, a wonderful family, great friends, and my mental health is totally stable - let's go shoot up a university".

Fourth - medicare.  Oh goodness, I said it.  When I need to see a doctor because I'm concerned about depression or anxiety - I can. If I have a child who I believe has ANY sort of condition, I can see a doctor.  When I needed medication that was too expensive, social assistance would help.  I believe in Medicare.  I believe that we benefit from having less stress and more preventative medicine - seeing a doctor about a mole that could be cancerous (but isn't) is better than worrying about it for years.  It's things like that that improve our quality of life dramatically and I'm lucky to live in a country that provides medicare.

Fifth - Don't give guns out like lollypops.  I've heard groups say "Arm the teachers - that will protect the students"...because teachers never go bat-crap crazy.  Or what if a student grabs it? Or what if it accidentally discharges and kills the teacher in front of 30 students? Yep...good idea folks.  Guns kill people - let's give teachers guns.

Sixth - You have the right to bear arms.  Pretty sure most people didn't have handguns back when this was written.  Pretty sure they didn't have bullets that would rip through kevlar.  Pretty sure men saw death on the battlefield more than they would like, they saw wars, rebellions, fights, and public executions.  To a man who sees another man die, life is probably viewed differently.
     North America is a pretty cozy place to live - so repeat after me "I. Don't. Need. A. Gun. For. Protection." What you need is a great security system, perhaps a dog, and some basic hand to hand combat techniques.  You need to be able to maneuver around your house in the dark, have a baseball bat nearby, and feel confident that you can hit someone around a corner before they attempt to shoot you because A) the shooter is scared B) they're probably inexperienced with a gun and C) if you're really that scared, build a safe room with a link to 911.  I'm serious. Guns invoke feelings of protection but protection from what...your neighbors? You now have a community looking out for you because you followed rule 3.

So guys...what I'm saying is even with registration or without - there is a much bigger issue in a society where people are killing (or injuring) mass amounts of people for the heck of it.  It's not about the registration of guns - it's about helping the people that will find access to them whether or not they're registered.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Motivation x100

So, part of my goal has been to get in shape in a healthy way - so I'm sweating it out, eating a TON of fresh fruit and veggies, and trying to spend more time being less stressed.  It's not always easy - I work 2 jobs, help with the Jewish museum, am fund raising for a trip to Guatemala in December and oh yeah, I'm trying to get in shape! 

I have modified my diet (which I should have done 3 months ago if not more) to include fish, shrimp and trying (quite unsuccessfully) to get chicken into me.  I am not feeling the chicken right now.  I am doing protein shakes again which is so much easier and I love them! I use them for breakfast and dinner because, like so many people, I'm not usually home! Instead of not eating (which is what I've been doing), I'm trying to take protein shakes to school.  I also haul along apples, oranges, and water! 

I'm also running an average of running every 1 out of 3 days.  My goal is to get that down to every other day on average (so if I go 3 times in a row, I can take a couple days off).  

I also bought a huge wall calender - Everything that is due is now on the board - I'm no longer going OH CRAP what's due? because I keep forgetting my agenda.  So here's to working on goals and being consistent.  

For the record, I feel amazing today - Glad I got the extra water into me! 

2013 Goals Month One

January is almost over and I'm going through my goals (Since January 4th - Get healthy, start Guatemala trip work, figure out what I'm doing next year, save money.  Here's my recap so far!

1) Get healthy - I started winter running and am keeping up with it well.  I got the HealthyLog app in my phone so that I can keep track of my weight and my exercise activity.  I've found if I don't go out for a couple of days, it's easy to just stop running for this keeps me going. I've got 8 runs in since January 4th...okay I 'could' be doing better on this.  That's about once every three days but I also work 2 jobs and go to school.  I'm okay with once every 3 days but I'd like to learn to get up in the morning and go then (and get down to every couple of days).  Also, I am down about 5lbs and I just feel better all around!

2) I am accepted into the Guatemala program, will be heading out December 23rd, 2013.  I'm fundraising already and absolutely love it! I'm SO excited!!!

3) I have no idea what I'm doing next year. I don't know - I'm thinking it may be time to take a year, start working, get my feet underneath me and start looking for jobs up north.  I just don't know yet.

4) Save money? I've been able to budget 2500 for an apartment and this trip towards the end of the year.  I'm looking at a low-risk investment fund or something where I can get decent interest.  My goal is to put another $500 away from work, taxes, etc.  Fingers crossed.

So my goals are going well so far - here's to the new year!

Monday, January 21, 2013

What Beauty looks like

I feel beautiful when I get home from a run, when I've pushed my body to, what I think is it's limit and then I go a few more steps.  I feel beautiful when my hair is matted down with sweat, my socks are limp, my shirt is soaked through and my cheeks are bright red.  When my nose and lips are chapped and I start coughing because yes, I went out in the cold weather, that's beauty.

So when other girls are putting on their makeup, mines been washed off by tears from the icy wind.  When girls are putting on perfume, I probably smell horrible (Scratch that, I stink).  When girls are wearing their heels, I'm kickin' it in sneakers and I feel more beautiful than I ever could with a dress and makeup on.  Why? Because I feel strong, powerful, in control and free - that to me is what beautiful is.

~Samantha Tinker 

The pit in my stomach

There are days when I just don't know what to write - sometimes it's because so many good things have happens or because so many miserable things have happened but usually, it's hardest to write when a couple of things spoil a completely perfect day.

So as I sit here, waiting for some music to download so I can go for a run, I've had the chance to think.  One of my friends said today that she thinks I expect a lot out of a relationship - but I'm unsure if she meant it as a good thing or a bad thing.  She also asked "Is that it?" when I gave my reason for breaking up with my boyfriend... maybe not the person to talk to about relationships.  I could give a few dozen reasons for breaking up with him and frankly, I don't think I need to on here because he's a decent guy with a great heart.  He's got a few issues though that I can't get past - and would be huge problems if we had a future together.  

As far as expecting a lot, I think we should all expect a lot more from one another - we should never just settle and say "this is the best there is" if it's not true.  We should expect a lot from the person in our relationship but we should also expect a lot from ourselves.  We should expect that both parties will mess things up sometimes, that things won't be perfect - but to expect better days.  We should expect to feel loved, to have people bringing us up and not down, to be excited when we accomplish things or start working towards new goals, we should be thankful that the other person is in our lives...and we should expect to mirror what we expect in our own actions.  I expect a lot because I give a lot.  Expecting a lot without giving is selfish - but giving of yourself without expecting the same treatment is destructive.  

So as I sit here, I am trying to piece together how I feel - currently I feel like running.  I saw one of my friends who I had to let go after I settled down into a relationship...and promptly threw up in the public washroom (oh that was GOOD fun).  I realized that once again, I need a break from relationships.  I need to clear my head, get my feet underneath me, and be proud of what I'm trying to do with my life.  I can't let another person dictate how I feel - and that's how I was beginning to feel with my my life was developing into this amazing experience, his was stuck.  I want to help but I can't do that as a girlfriend because I invest too much and it drains me.  I know this is my issue and I need to learn to control it - and I will - but I need to clear my head for a few months (like...6).  

So, this is round 2 of self-induced celibacy - no dating, no kissing, no hooking up, no flirting (okay that one always gets broken but darn it, I try).  6 months.  January 21 - July 21Last time I did this, I learned a lot about me...I learned to be happy being me...I learned to jog a lot to take my mind off...everything.

I need to dig out my own suit of armor and burn the princess dress because the knight has more fun (good land, they get a horse!).  

Anyways blog-world, my music is done and my legs are aching to go out. Peace and sunshine!