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Now that you've recognized my awesomeness and are completely taken away by my humility, here's how you can reach me.  

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If you're my friend in real life, you can send me a text or phone me.  If you're not, please don't ask.  That's just creepy.  Also, don't stand outside my house, sacrifice animal in my name (I'm vegetarian) or kidnap any virgins.  Thank you. 

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  1. Thank you for your story on the snake oil diet pill scam Visi. My mother was an uneducated dolt and so am I, I was just a little smarter and had to laugh when ever she got involved in every mlm snake oil product that she heard about, through her network of uneducated dolt friends. Sad part is, one amazing snake oil juice actually caused her a premature death because she believed that the magical $35 purple juice cured cancer, and her and all her dolts told everyone that it cured cancer and everything else.She drank the juice until we had to physically take her into the hospital and she died a few weeks later. There is also a great review by "Lazy Man and Money" about Visi, he really blows the lid off the scam. One reason why a lot of these UDs(uneducated dolts) get suckered into these scams is because the snake oil company usually has one or two educated scum bag dolt Doctors who get paid to make the product look so amazing by using junk science and out right lies. It's sad to see the UDs of the world turn into zombies for these useless products just like my mother did. When the UD's finaly realize they have been scammed, the money and amazing claims go right down the toilet and they are too embarrassed to admit it.