Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Christmas Cookie Conundrum

I don't understand why I bother to make christmas cookies. I sincerely hate baking and don't even like sugar cookies. Here's why Christmas cookies should be laced with something to make my life easier:

-Trying to remember who has what allergy. Dad is allergic to nuts but not peanut butter, mom is allergic to mushrooms (not that they matter in Christmas cookies). Then there is soy, dairy, and apparently certain fruits...and if you mess up, you've put your friend or family member in the hospital with an Epi-pen in their hip. Merry Christmas, hope you survive!

-Following a recipe. Seriously, cooking is easy. Add a dash of this, a smidge of that, and taste constantly...baking is about texture and the right amount. I have the attention span of a chipmunk and yes, shiny things distract me. I hate following a recipe mostly because I tend to mess it up.

-Decorating the after eating the batter (which is pretty yummy) and taste testing icing until my tummy hurts, I have to actually decorate the cookies. By this time, all I can smell is sugar, my stomach is lurching and I remind myself that I do, indeed, like these people.

-Packaging the cookies- After I iced them, sprinkled them and made them look pretty, I throw them in a tin or on a plate hoping they will still look pretty when I deliver them...nope, never works out. The cookies look like a first grade project gone horribly wrong. My inner four year old is on crack.

Anyways, I'm going to head out and start to cook.

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