Thursday, June 14, 2012

What you need to know about me

1) Ludwig is still alive. She has softshell but I have invested a lot of time and money into making her feel better.

2) Eyoha is back! But he's leaving once again - so I refuse to think about that and will be spending my morning at the mall putting together his "I don't believe you're leaving" present.

3) I have a third-date with K on Saturday.  I'll admit I like him enough that he could hurt me and that's a new place for me to be.  He's sweet though - different from the type I generally tend to date...I hope I'm right though because he just seems special.

4) I'm working on an essay on poetry which is why I wrote my last blog entry - it seemed fitting to get it out there quickly. 

5) I'm picking up a new bra today! I don't know why that's important apart from - I'm excited.

6) I made plans with an old FWB for tonight but will be breaking them.  Funny thing - I don't really want to go on a date with anyone else at the moment.  Even though I've had way too many offers - seriously guys, come on...go find yourselves good girls - I'm good.  I'm okay waiting for K to come down to SJ.

7) I'm excited to go home for my job but I hate coming home to the crap.  I adore my family and I do have the cutest niece in the entire world (I really do!) so I plan to take advantage of that - but as far as going home goes...well, I don't know where home is at the moment...hopefully, it's still the island somewhat.

8) I have had a very odd semester.  I'm procrastinating and putting things off until the last minute but I think it's because I'm enjoying the summer.

9) I am currently pulling my first all nighter in over a year because I need to finish this essay quickly so that I can start studying for exams and so that I can say goodbye to Eyoha and go out with Kevin on Saturday.

10) I don't believe in the 3 date rule.  Please don't buy into it - it's trash.  If you want to sleep with someone, it's up to you but don't ever do it because of a 'rule'...smarten up.


People say it's a game I play...
but do I play it well?
How is it a game if I don't even know the rules?
Or are there even rules to follow, to break?

Am I master and creator of this game?
How is that even possible when others,
oh, others play the game
even better than I.

I just hide losing better.

This stupid game
That makes white knights fall off their horses,
And virtuous women spread their legs...
Nothing but a cruel game? Or more?

Leave the game to those who want to play,
Who juggle knives, hoping to pierce
Another one's heart
Just to spare their own.

I'm not playing a game - I'm lost,
disoriented in the dark,
Trying to find my way out...
And getting shoved back on the field.

I don't know how to juggle.
I don't even know the rules.
I don't know how to play...
But apparently, I'm already a pro.