Monday, December 12, 2011

Positive thinking by the power of crystals

I heard about a person who used crystals (aka shiny rocks) for positive energy and some sort of new-age healing. Honestly, I laughed at first but then I realized it's a great idea. Seriously, the more I thought about it the more I understood why it was so healing, so I tried it, I felt better, more refreshed, rejuvinated and even giddy at times.

Here is how to get some positive energy and healing for your stressful days with the use of crystals:

Step One- Buy crystals or go outside and pick up some pretty rocks. Some books may tell you the 'type' or colour matters. This is a lie. Weight matters though.

Step Two- Find the loser who ticked you off yesterday, today, two weeks ago...the source of your stress and hindrance to your enlightened path.

Step Three- Throw your rocks/crystals at them until you feel better. Repeat until smiling.

Step Four- Poke them in their first, second and third eye.

Step Five- Repeat on other 'sources of stress' until calm, cool and collected.

See, positive thinking at it's best. You're less stressed and they're not going to mess with you again...

I have recently been informed that I'm 'doing it wrong'...I used steps 1-3 and changed their mind. I feel much healthier now!

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