Monday, December 12, 2011

My year in photos

Me with black hair and my alligator that my friend D.M gave me when she came back from Montreal for NASH! You may also note the nose ring :)

Note the red/purple hair, nose ring and lip ring...I miss my lip ring and am considering putting it back in.

I was officially 'hatted' Editor-in-Chief of 'The Baron'...year two of university was done, and my blue dress looked super cute.

I just fell in love with Saint John...taking the time to see the town and just going for a walk.

I got a new haircut, lost about 30lbs by this time, back to black hair and fell in love with my glasses. By this time, I was living in the Dunn for the summer.

Finally jumped off a wharf...twice! My grandmother forgot to take the photo the first time. I was down about 50lbs by this time :)

August at 6am...did my first bike trip from Saint John to Grand Manan. Was down about 70lbs by this time and in really great shape. Hopefully with my 22 days off (starting tomorrow) I can drop a few pounds and tone up again...but I'm still a cutie!

September: Left: Shining shoes for "Shine Day" Right: Toga Party with friend

I had the opportunity to go to Ottawa, Ontario and then to Sackville, New Brunswick. It was rather amazing and I loved the opportunities I was given. Thank you Professor M. for nominating me and to 'The Baron' for taking me along on this epic adventure!

Sam and I got...happy...and decided to create a snowman indoors. This is completely normal behaviour, right? :)

Of course, the year is not yet I'm just waiting for even more memories!

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