Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My TMI post that you're dying to read about

A few nights ago I went to the emergency room because my toilet looked like a scene from a murder in CSI (I WARNED you this was TMI).  Add some intense back pain to the mix and I was getting scared - there was a LOT of blood and I know that's not normal.  What else isn't normal is black poo - this can mean two things: 1) lots of iron 2) drier blood in poo.  Mine would be number 2 (get it? poo joke!).

Anyways, the doctor asked the usual questions about cramping, pain while going, how long this has been going on, any constipation, runny stool etc etc etc...and gave me medication for a stomach ulcer because lately, everything I eat feels like it's shredding my stomach and back.  Diet pepsi and coffee were actually making me cry and break out in sweats (I cut those out).  I was drinking some milk in my protein shakes and eating some cheese - also gone.

Anyways, the doctor basically said "You'll live" and let me go with some pills - the problem is that I still don't actually know what's wrong with me.  I stopped drinking anything with caffeine in it, still drink about 4L of water daily, am pumping no caffeine tea into my system and yet, I'm still not feeling good...and I'm still bleeding.

So the good news is that I saw a doctor today who actually gives a shit! (Yay for poo joke #2).  I got my prescriptions for vaccines but he took a step further and asked about my apparent stomach ulcer...turns out, he's looking at digestive problems and has ordered me to get some additional tests done.  Thank goodness.

The hospital here in Saint John actually scares me.  It took over 4 weeks (closer to 6 if I remember correctly) for them to diagnose me with a UTI/kidney infection a couple of years the time diagnosed, I wanted to die because I thought I was crazy and faking it.  This is the same hospital that, at the age of 16, I was asked if I was faking depression to get attention (and that doctor was busted a few years ago for child porn...good times).  So thankfully, there's one doctor that wants to find out why I feel like crap (bazinga) every time I put certain foods in my system.

Needless to say, all poop jokes aside, I'm rather scared.  I don't want to have a problem where I can't eat certain's not that I won't live - I will - but it's a worry.  I tend to obsess over food a LOT and it scares me to think that, now that I'm in control of my food, I may have to obsess a little bit more than I have been.  So I'm off to get tests and hoping for the best!

If anyone actually gets past my crappy puns, think of me over the next couple of weeks and wish me luck?