Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Dear fellow women,

What the hell is this? First, these are the biggest granny panties I have ever seen and secondly, why?

Are you that concerned about a muffin top? or love handles? or whatever? How about you just embrace the fact that you actually eat real food and have other things going on in your life that restricts you from having an ass like Olivia Wilde.

This makes me shake my head and say: "Why not wear something comfortable or maybe even *gasp* sexy?" I mean, can you imagine going home with someone (your honey included). He's going to be asking: "How can find a way to peel her out of this contraption?!"

I'm not saying don angel wings (although perhaps I am) but if I ever have to hoist my knickers up by my bra strap with some suspender-like contraption...I've been trying to write what I'm going to do but I'm coming up with nothing except burn my underwear and go commando.

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