Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thankful List

Today was an easy day:

1) I'm thankful for Connie at the Writing Centre.  She's amazingly patient, kind, and critical without breaking my little Tinker-heart.  Note to self: Make her cookies.

2) I'm so thankful for professors like Janice, Dr. Whitney, Dr. Fury, and Dr. Marquis...they've been the ones to keep me going and push me or say "you need to slow down just a little"...I am just so amazed by the amount of care they have for their students every single day.  They're kinda like superheros without the capes (or do they have capes?)

3) I'm so thankful for friends that share my happiness! They are wonderful!

4) Justin (my husband cough hack) is getting married. Yep, that's right.  My husband is getting married.  Which means...I AM NOT PAYING FOR THE DIVORCE! I am BEYOND happy! I am, as one of my minions (I mean kids I babysat) used to say upon recieving a treat "happy, happy, happy!"

5) I booked my volunteer trip to Guatemala today. I'll be scooping poop and brushing animals.  Bring it on.

6) I'm thankful that the books I'm reading in Dr. Creelman's class aren't boring.

7) I'm thankful for my laptop - this thing has made my life so much more simple!

8) I'm thankful for my boyfriend - he says stupid things sometimes and we fight...and sometimes I forget to see the trees because I'm looking at the squirrels...I'm picking out the flaws and ignoring his great qualities.  He's a wonderful human being with a huge heart. 

9) I'm thankful for my mom - she joined in on the "Justin's getting married" celebration.

10) I'm thankful for Kevin.  I thought of him a few days ago and realized that I'm happier being in a relationship with someone I can fight with than someone I don't care enough about to fight with.  He taught me that I need to care in a relationship or it doesn't really matter - it may be easy...but it's going nowhere.