Thursday, May 17, 2012

That quote that makes you smile

One of my professors said yesterday that if you think of things that made you happy, you will be happier. While I believe the weather has been leaving me dreary (and in NO mood to write), I think it was very good advice.

This afternoon, I was reading a book - one of those stupid, cheesy teen books about prep school (from the creator of "Gossip Girl" - you get the idea). There was a quote though that just made me smile because it's how I want my life to be:

"Go not where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

How amazing is it to believe that my life, my goals and ambitions, hope and dreams, are only just beginning? Everything that I have done so far is just a start...and really, there is no climax. My life is only getting better...and I'm perfectly happy.

So, after an hour long run in the sun, coffee with a new friend, and a purchase of 'Jelly Belly' shower gel only because it smells heavenly, I can honestly say I'm definitely on the path I'm supposed to be.

Robert Frost may have only walked down one path and felt as though he missed out on the other - I decided to skip the path today and walk amidst the trees.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloody annoying

You know what bothers me - people who assume that because I have a job at the moment, I'm a spoiled only child who doesn't need to work throughout her entire degree.  I have worked, I work in the summers and I get scholarships because I'm smart.  I'd like to think a 3.5 GPA is pretty good.

I do work - I LIKE working - but I also believe I need a GPA boost to get a little bit higher marks.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Day  

Hey guys, have you ever just had one of those days where you're just happy?  I woke up late which I thought was terrible, but then I realized it was cold out, I needed the sleep and really, I like sleeping in.  Anyways, I'm going to try going for a short walk in a few (I know, those midnight trips are terrible and unsafe and blah blah blah) but I've been so antsy lately, I'd rather push my ankle and know I'm close to res...might just go around campus. 

I met someone new who I'm having coffee with on Thursday - I'm sure you guys will hear ALL about it.  To reiterate the Samantha Rules of Blogging:

1) No real names
2) I do lie at times - accept it.  If you know me, you can ask me in person.
3) I won't tell other people's secrets
4) I will talk about Ludwig as though she is human.  
5) It's my blog therefore, I am always right just because I'm 100% awesome and you're reading this because you love me!

So keep on enjoying folks! I'm going to get to homework! first A- on an English Journal! :D

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top Tips for FWB

FWB = Friends with Benefits. We've all heard of it, some of us do it and some of us consider it. Now, while it's supposed to be 'uncomplicated', let's be's never uncomplicated without a few rules in place. So, before pants come off, have a chat and go through the rules.

1) Make sure you both are good with it - If one person is going to get emotional or clingy, there is absolutely no way you're going to remain friends.

2) Don't really be friends - Look, there are friends you love to pieces, friends you care about, friends you could care about sometimes, and friends that you chat with sometimes. The thing is, you don't even possibly hurt your really good friends. If you wind up hurting a casual friend, well, it sucks but that just means you've lost a drinking buddy - not someone you truly care about. Keep them on the fringe of your social circle.

3) Alcohol will be your buddy - There's something to be said for the power of alcohol. At least for the first little bit. Just drink it.

4) Don't think hooking up means sleeping with - FWB can be anything from just cuddling to sleepovers - it's your choice. There are NO rules or formal arrangements. Just have fun!

5) Be cute - You don't need to be on your A-game 24/7 but shaved legs, trimmed nose hairs, all showered, smell nice...etc etc etc.

6) The Skank Reflex - when your prefrontal cortex fails to make you happy, promiscuity rewards you with a flood of dopamine (Hello Big Bang Theory). If you're not enjoying yourself, stop and don't feel bad. If he's not good, stop and really don't feel bad.

7) Don't kiss and tell (much) - You can definitely tell your best friend, your cousin, the person you'll never see...etc etc etc...but hooking up still has a LOT of stigma. Don't do it if you're not prepared to laugh off rumours and keep things on the downlow (no marks, no public handholding, stuff like that).

8) Don't hook up at mommy's house - Keep your life separate. No one wants to explain how 'you're not dating her' to your parents. Let them think better of you.

9) Keep it to a minimum - you don't need 50 FWB. It gets messy. Figure out what works for you and go from there...make sure it works for him too.

10) Have the chat - okay, talk STD's, pregnancy, when/if/where hooking up, all that stuff. Talk about the rules before hand, don't differ from the rules, be smart about it and don't get hurt (and attempt not to hurt others). homework.