Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The most irritating blog ideas

I would love to say everyone who desires to be creative can be but alas, the blogging-sphere has proven to me that not all writers are created equal. Some writers are actually creative, intellectual individuals and some are not. Some people are genuinely interesting while some people genuinely believe they are interesting.

In my favorite style using a list as my friend D. pointed out that I love to do, here are the top blogs to avoid at all cost...and by all costs, gouging out one's eyes with pencils in true Joker-style is a plan to avoid reading these following works of...something.

Blog Title #1- 'See my children? Aren't they great? Let's capture every moment of their life in photos'
I'm not sure how to tell some parent this but the rest of the world truly doesn't care about your children and this entire blog is a waste of internet space. I don't care if the internet is infinite, I can't get those precious seconds of my life back! Your kids aren't super-amazing, all-knowing, wonder-children...they are bug-eating balls of germs. Deal with it, embrace it and blog about real life (as you decent off cloud 9 and back into reality).

Blog Title #2- 'It's all about my, really, my life revolves around Mr. Biggles'
I understand you're lonely but an entire blog about a c
at? It eats, it drinks, it shreds your leather shoes, and it poops. While I truly do love my cat, if you find the most exciting part of your day is your kitty, go find a real friend with two (or even one - no discrimination here) legs.

Blog Title #3- 'I have no creative ability so I post other people's work'
If I wanted to read other people's work, I would go read their blogs/postings/papers or books. I will not bother with your blog because there is something call
ed the MSN homepage. Thanks anyways but you're useless.

Blog Title #4- 'I haz no writng...and no gramer or spelchek,'
If you, like, don't, like, understand that...oooohh...this is really, like annoying...please grow up, get your head out of 'Clueless' (look it up because it's
probably older than you are) and stop writing until you realize how much you are embarrassing yourself. Writing is an art and you are the artist who would wind up working as a stripper to make money because your knockoffs aren't selling. Take a class (I suggest grade five) and realize that grammar, punctuation, and intelligent ideas are crucial.
Note: If there are any words that are over your head I'll dumb it down for you - U no write no more. U suk lots. no j/k. thx.

Blog Title #5- 'I'm a DJ'
...And I just don't care.

Ultimately, most people tend to be interesti
ng, however, most people also cannot make their lives appear interesting on paper. Am I interesting? Of course I am. Why? Well, you should see what I can do with my tongue.

And you thought it was something dirty...get your mind outta the gutter!

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