Weighing In...(insert numerous curse words here)

I have a really hard time with my weight...mostly because I'm awesome at losing it...and gaining it.  I eat healthy most of the time now but with my gluten-allergy I gained back a LOT of weight...and now I'm admittedly self conscious and uncomfortable in my body.  I try not to let it get to me but...it does. 

I also have problems with not going to the extremes to lose weight (such as: diet pills, not eating, eating low calorie only, only drinking diet pepsi instead of food, over exercising, throwing up, laxatives, etc).  So...if you're reading this and you actually know me - I hold myself together pretty well, eh? 

Anyways, I can't actually bring myself to put my weight on the web at the moment.  I actually had a mild panic attack thinking about that.  BUT...I'm going to start putting in my losses.  Please note that in 2 days, I have an event where I get to look cute - I have recognized that I'm crash dieting and will be eating much healthier after the 4th and lose weight slower.

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March 1st - highest weight in over a year.  Crap.  Most of this was from not exercising, a lazy boyfriend who didn't want to go running (and I became rather lazy too), and discovering foods I could eat and not get sick!  

March 22nd - Lost 9 lbs in 21 days.

March 23rd - realize I have an event on the 4th.  DRESS SHOPPING???! Crap again. -1lb

March 24 -1.2lbs

March 25 -.8lbs

March 26 -2.6lbs

March 27 -.2lbs

March 28 -1lb

March 29 -1lb

March 30 +.8 (Hello, time of the month)

March 31 -1.4lbs

April 1st -.4lbs

April 2nd -.2lbs

Check out recent photos of me (and my bloody toe) at @TinkersTreats on Facebook! I'll post more photos on here later - just don't have any except twitter. 

Total Weight Loss as of April 2nd, 2013: 18lbs.  

(Note: Please do not attempt to mimic my diet...it's been hellish.  I wanted to fit comfortably in a dress, I dropped weight fast.  I've also been overexercising, eating protein shakes and egg whites, and have been called a cantankerous bitch...which I'd agree with)

April 2nd -.4lbs.

Goal: Part 2

As expected, I went up a few pounds after eating normal food from liquids.  I restarted the MasterCleanse diet because graduation, job interviews, and just basic stress is popping up and causing massive triggers.

April 10th -24.7lbs in all.  (This is day 1 of the MasterCleanse so I haven't really lost anything from it yet).  I have 20.3 lbs to go until I hit my goal...Keep reading my blog to see how it goes.   


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