Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Woman in Black needed Sam and Dean from Supernatural

I love a good ghost story - but 'The Woman in Black' was not what I expected. Yes, I jumped at times but I didn't connect enough with the characters to actually care whether they lived or died. In all honesty, I felt more for the ghosts than I did the living. I finished the movie wishing things had actually concluded - that there was a strong resolution instead of feeling as thought there would be a crappy sequel within a year.

Primarily though, I expected Harry Potter to pull a wand out of his trousers every time he turned around. In my mind, Radcliffe has been typecast as 'the boy who lived.' I know it's not fair and admittedly, he's a decent actor but I'm curious as to whether he was still on the bottle while filming this movie as well.

Oddly enough, I feel as though my review of the movie is rather negative compared to the popular consensus. While I enjoyed the Gothic feel, the anticipation of being scared and the accents, I just felt there should have been a little more...something.

It also didn't help that as a 'Supernatural' fan, I was screaming at Arthur (Radcliffe) to run to the kitchen to get salt and silverware to keep the ghosts away, start praying (Catholics have the right idea with exorcism rituals) and get the fireplace poker for iron - yet another way to keep evil spirits away.

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