Saturday, February 25, 2012

A snipet of my editoral this week

Saying goodbye is one of the worst feelings in the world – the reason is because when you say goodbye to a person you care about, a piece of your heart stays with them. It means you’ll always be there for them and you’ll forever have a piece of them in your heart.

This week, I said goodbye to two of my good people for two completely different reasons. I broke up with an amazing person because he’s leaving to go to Fredericton in the fall. I was scared to say goodbye then, so I walked away now. Dr. Phil may ask how that worked for me – it worked but it didn’t make it better. To everyone who is in a position like this, don’t shy away from your friends (or relationships) because you’re afraid to be hurt. Regret can be worse than sadness.

I’m also in the process of saying goodbye to one of those people who walked into my life and changed my life for the better. He taught me that it’s possible to like everyone although I actually haven’t learned how to yet. He’s the sort of person that I am so blessed to have met but school is over for him and real life must begin. I can only wish him the best and threaten to visit because I want to pet a camel.

This has been the hardest one to write - I've been sitting here for 30 minutes crying but I also think it's the most truthful I've ever been in an editorial.

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