Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abortion debate

I have a problem with both pro-choice and pro-life groups when it comes to abortion. Here it is - people will still get abortions legally or illegally, right? So make it legal (not out of taxpayers money) and give people the right to choose their own decisions and their own paths.

Pro-choice groups tend to say "it's my right" or "you're not a feminist if you don't agree" know what, I'm a feminist but I don't think I could ever have an abortion. Do I think it should be illegal - no. Do I support someone who decides that's what they're going to do - I don't agree with it but I'll still love the person. It's a really grey area and it truly depends on my relationship with the person - but making this illegal leaves some women to turn to coat-hangers. Yeah, that sounds sarcastic but it's not. It's a terrible, back ally fake-medical scary reality.

Pro-life groups tend to tick me off more. Look, I get the idea that you think it's a baby - so do some people who HAD an abortion. Guilt is NOT the way make people rethink their decision (partly because that child is already dead in their minds) - neither is telling a tragic story in front of Tim Horton's. There's something called therapy - do it. If I need to hear stories, I'll go to the internet or better yet, I'll go ask. I don't want to hear about abortion as I talk to my friends about schoolwork and attempting to get my coffee. Thanks but no thanks.

I support the right to freedom of speech but I also support "Sam wants her friggin' coffee sans dead baby". There's this place called a classroom - if people want to go, they will. If they don't want to hear it, they won't.

For me, I've made my decision personally and I CHOOSE to be pro-choice because I made a choice. If you make something pro-life or whatever you call it, you're letting an outside medical facility decide your own body. Is that a little creepy to you? What about if someone goes in for drug treatment? -I'm anti-drug so they're on their own...ooh, or blood transfusions -there's religions that are against that...and oral no more of that (for the record, to all you women who have ever given a blow job - you potentially swallowed the next Prime Minister and as that man is currently Stephen Harper - you did the world a favour). And birth control - nope, can't have any of that either.

How about breathing tubes or life-saving measures? Realistically, there are religious views that are against those to? Look, for me it is (in part) a religious belief. I believe a fetus is a baby and by the time I would realize I was pregnant, it's a baby. Thing is, maybe we should offer sound medical advice (by actual medical professionals - not anyone who gets on the Planned Parenthood or Pro-Life hotlines) and tell people their REAL options...with REAL side effects and real decisions that will have to be made.

It's not about scenario - you can't say "well, you've been raped so it's okay to have an abortion"...people lie. You can't say "well, the condom broke for you so you can have one..." again, people lie. Make a personal decision and quit making other people feel bad...or nauseous as they attempt to get their coffee.

Yes, I'm being crass and I may not be making much sense. I'll go through this later and attempt to make more but this is a very personal issue and I just don't agree with a Tim Horton's area being the best place to hold an anti-abortion chat.

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