Saturday, February 18, 2012

First angry moment at boyfriend

My boyfriend showed up at res yesterday slightly plastered (on a scale of 0 being sober and 10 being drunk - he rated himself a 7). I didn't mind that. I'd rather him be here after a night with the boys just so I can at least make sure he gets some water and is okay.

What I held issue with was that he thought he was okay to drive himself here.

My personal rule (that I don't hold anyone else to) is one drink means no driving for the night. That way, I don't get stupid or careless or try to push my own limits. For other people, follow the law on this one. It really does have a reason.

I got angry at first, calmed down before I left my dorm room to let him in and then realized, I war furious because I was scared. Too many people - and too many Grand Mananer's - are dead because of alcohol and vehicles. I don't want to see him injured or killed...or hurt someone else because of one bad night, one turn of the wheel too quickly.

Thankfully, he understood my position...and I left out the part of 'if this happens again, ever - if we're dating or not - I will personally call the police and tell them where you are.' He also agreed next time he goes out - I get his car keys.

Admittedly, it's harsh - but you know what's harder? Going to the funeral of a person you care about...or standing beside them in court because they accidentally killed someone.

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