Saturday, December 10, 2011

The ultimate question in life: Should I order pizza now or later?

That exam I just did? Totally kicked it's butt...It may have officially bent over the desk and exposed it's rear-end only to be slammed by a piece of plywood held by me. That's right...I'm awesome...I hope.

Typically, I walk into my exams the most over-confident individual you'll ever see. By the time the exam is over, I'm usually great. Once I get back to my office, sit down for a moment and hang up the phone with my mom...I get a little voice saying "Perhaps you didn't do so well." Now, I know that voice is a) not a result of my being slightly off the deep end, and b) not real; however, I'm still slightly shaken that perhaps, this will be the one time that I don't do as well as I thought...Can I have my grade back please???

Now, time to study for my sociology exam at 7pm, and after, I will celebrate by taking out trash (my roommate and I tend to be slightly messy at times but in our defence, we're both incredibly busy), ordering pizza, dancing around like a complete idiot to Glee and perhaps some TFK or something equally as awesome...that's right peeps...I'm staying sober. Holy crap.

I think I'll clean my room, get a long, lovely some laundry so I don't completely smell terrible? Oh, this is actually surprisingly exciting! I may even clean other the bathroom, perhaps do dishes...well, lets not get carried away.

This is truly the university experience. When you finish that first round of exams and get so excited about just being totally clean again...just feeling as though you're not a total grease bucket who's mother would disown you after crying over the attack of the killer laundry pile...that's the nitty-gritty university experience. Enjoy it because someday, there will be someone else saying "sweetie...please clean up your socks" and you'll have to insert earplugs to drown them out.

Now, to study for a sociology exam in 1 3/4 hours. Wish me luck...or at least, text me the correct answers!

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