Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sheep being led to slaughter

It's 15 minutes until my first exam of the season. Ho ho's your zero? I'm fully confident that I will pass - even more confident that I will getat least a B+ if not an A-...yep, I'm that girl...the one who studies throughout the term, works hard, plays harder, and gets decent marks. I'm also stressed most of the time, working on developing an ulcer from stress and have some terrible coping mechanisms for dealing with said stress (which, I do believe, would add to an ulcer).
Anyways, with 10 minutes to go I am prepped. My 'Exam Prep Kit' is as followed: 1 bottle of diet pepsi (minimum 591 mL), 1 bag of M&M's (prefer skittles but cafeteria is out), 1 bag of gummy candy (would replace with chocolate if caf had skittles), 2 pens (one black, 1 blue), 1
sharpie (for additional notes), 1 sharpie highlighter (for key points to address in paragraphs), 1 pack of gum (gives an additional 20 minutes of stress relief plus less chance of chocolate breath), ID card (required), 1 mint lip gloss (because it's yummy).
Bring it on Prof. F...but please be kind...

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