Saturday, December 10, 2011

Taken out of context, everything is funny

If you take a text out of context, it can be epically hilarious, exceptionally terrible or just plain wrong. I happen to adore my friends but...well, lets just say I never know what's coming out of their thumbs!

"Yes, I've also decided to become a born-again virgin until marriage."
-Dec 9/10:30pm

"Smoking kills!!"
-Dec 8/7:48pm

"LOL, right. U spent months getting attention from this one man, then one day it all ends and when he morns the loss of ur affection he's the crazy one =D women"
-Dec 5/9:46pm

"Lol, I can offer to replenish the troops strength with donuts"
-Nov 29/12:46pm

"'Greatness Demands Sacrifice' Once one accepts the truth things start to fall into perspective"
-Nov 27/ 12:48pm

"Haha well. This has to be the smartest artsy I know"
-Dec 6/10:15pm

"And yea the commons... A $20 million dollar disaster"
-Dec 6/ 10:22pm

"I'm not that daft"
-Dec 3/2:19am

"Ok good. I am adorable aren't I"
-Dec 3/ 3:03pm

"I saw you on TV! on the Interwebs!"
-Nov 30/ 8:44pm

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