Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lights are on & no one's home

It's raining outside...not just a sprinkle, but a true "Noah's Ark" kind of rain. It's the sort of weather where I expect to see a short person drown in a puddle or a family of ducks take over the Athletics Center parking lot. If I was more descriptive with my words, I would describe the water flowing around the Fero dumpsters in some poetic way...but alas, I'm more literal.

It is, however, comical to see people dashing from their car to the closest door...I have my flip flops on and my dress on as I live in residence. It's this type of weather in which I realize how much I truly appreciate the tunnel system.

I would say it is now time to stop procrastinating, grab some food from Tim Horton's and then, buckle down and study for exams.

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