Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Acceptable' is an odd concept

What is acceptable behaviour in students changes during exam time because of an amount of stress similar to having ones intestines hauled out ones throat with pliers. Welcome to the world of being a good university student:

1) Showering is sometimes optional. You have an exam in 2 hours? You're not prepared? You smell? Possibly jump in 15 minutes before with your bagel...however, chances are you'll be too busy to care about your fellow classmates discomfort. Please, at least wear clean boxers!

2) We bite. Not literally *chomp* bite (Well EG may disagree with me as may DM because I do, in fact bite sometimes) but we get grumpy and nasty and angry. I read a line about the Jewish people and how they could not express anger towards the SS in the camps so they took out their frustration on each other at tired brain wrote this: "I can't get angry with Prof.F because she is doing her job so I'm grumpy with everyone else"...Definitely isn't a Holocaust...but at least I'll remember that little tidbit.

3) Our bad habits become lifesavers. Not sleeping, eating quickly and whatever is available, smoking, I don't care what it's just one more day/hour/ what you need to do to get through. In our medicalized society, there's a pill for that.

4) You lose track of time. It's're studying. 2pm- sleeping. 3pm- panicking. 7pm exam. 10pm studying for next exam. 11pm- twitching in corner. 11:16pm- laughing hysterically as you're introduced to a white coat. As long as you can get through the two weeks of hell, you'll be fine. If you can't...enjoy the padded walls, darlin'.

A breakfast sandwich and diet pepsi later and I'm back to studying.

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