Friday, December 9, 2011

The Curse of the Red Dress

A night filled with great food, drinks and friends makes for an incredible time except for the (insert scary music here) 'Curse of the Red Dress.' Every time I wear this dress, something obscure happens where I wake up saying: "What did I do/text/say?" Usually it also involves: "Who did I kiss?" however, I am free and innocent this time.

My gaggle of friends met at BigTide, which I highly recommend. I drank, I did shots, I sat on my publisher's (Mr. AE) lap and asked for peace on Earth...or at least, peace between him and my darling friend, EG for a night. Finally, I went home with EG, watched 'An American Horror Story' and 'Fright Night' (which was actually decent amidst the screaming and the blood).

(Above: the cursed dress)

The curse comes in a few ways as are nicely illustrated below:

1) I ripped the heel of my boot...not badly but I love my new boots and that sucked!
2) I smoked (ew).
3) I called S. Honestly, I don't really want to hang out with him again but I feel bad not talking to friends. Oh well.
4) I do believe I argued with EG about why a couch was less moral to sleep on than a bed (my valid points are: you can do the same thing on a couch as you do a bed, you can have sex easier sitting up on a couch- even if the bed has a big headboard, and you're almost layered on one another so beds are more appropriate).
5) LG grabbed my boobs looking for my nipple (over my dress). I'm not sure if she found it amidst the padding.
6) I called J. a duck while trying to write an f*bomb. Whoops to BOTH!
7) My favorite moment of the night though was as EG decided to completely rag on me about my choice in men, I grabbed his hip to see if his previous girlfriend had broken his pelvis if she was on well as many other low-brow, terrible jokes. He stopped making his jokes and I stopped making mine!
8) I realized the last time I wore the dress the same crap happened...I drunk-texted, fell out a window onto a roof and my knee took over a month to heal up, kissed a guy who had a girlfriend, and had a great time in general :)
Ahh the joys of being young and stupid!

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