Friday, December 9, 2011

It's just a writer thing

On the 19th at 8:30am, a time I rarely bother to wake for, I'll be heading back into the halls of hell known as high school. As EIC of The B, and a writer in University, I offered to drop by and explain what my job is, how it works for me and how doing it opens doors...and here's what I can't tell the eager young minds I'll attempt to mold.

-Drinking is a coping mechanism. Angry? Hungry? Exhausted? Bored? Writers block? Have a shot or two and call it a night. Yes, people say drinking shouldn't be a coping mechanism but really, my favorite thoughts come from a whiskey-soaked brain at times.

-People do things in your office that would make a CSI team giggle with excitement. Enjoy those thoughts and break out the Lysol.

-You will never get paid enough when your writing is
harshly criticized.

-You'll never be the best. Strive for better than most.

-You may attempt to inject coffee into your veins. Also, your IV bag when you do this will have some sort of stimulant.

-You'll consider doing may or may not reconsider.

-You won't have time for a healthy relationship.

-Smoking is not really want to believe it is but at 3am on a production weekend, sobbing over an essay that just isn't getting whatever.

-You'll never trust anyone fully and you'll be able to spot even a tiny lie from a distance.

But the one thing I can tell them: If you love it, none of this crap matters.

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