Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The afternoon of doggy delights

Anyone who knows me is aware that Melmo (Moe) and KC own my heart like their chew toys. These two dogs are the best dogs ever. While I defend your right to say you disagree, you're still wrong.

This afternoon, with my grandparents and mother present, I noticed my two boys were looking a tad bit scruffy so I hauled out the furminator (The most amazing pet brush ever). Moe laid down, groaned, flipped over, enjoyed having his belly rubbed and was excellent for about half an hour of brushing...KC was a different story.

He kept hitting me with his paw, refused to lay down, decided laying down was his best option, had to go get some water, came back, put his tail in my face and wagged, turned around, sat down again...and repeated. Then he decided he was sorry, and licked the entire side of my face. I was covered from head to toe in dog hair and slime.

Moe got jealous that KC was being brushed and decided he needed more work. Try pushing a 100 pound dog off your lap (Moe) when he doesn't feel like moving. Hint: It doesn't work. KC got upset that Moe took his spot and started trying to chew on Moe's face. I yell at KC, mom yells at me for yelling at him, Bamp is giggling in the corner watching the entire comedic event and I'm gasping for air and spitting out dog fur.

Finally, both dogs look lovely, sleek and polished and I get kicked outside to be wacked around by my grandmother who attempted to brush the hair off me in a broom. For the record, it was about -5C and I was in a tanktop/capris.

The afternoon of doggy delights...photos to come shortly

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