Friday, December 23, 2011

The evil cat is up for adoption

Mom has given up her sanity and decided to foster a cat. It's not just any cat thought, it's Satan (who has taken the name Collie for the time being). A fluffy, adorable bundle of joy with the most sketchy eyes who has now decided anyone who sits in her chair is, in fact, a chew toy for her.

As I sat down in the living room, prepared to watch Live with Kelly and eat my breakfast, coffee in hand, my cute purple Tinkerbell bathrobe curled around me, my feet innocently on the ground, out of nowhere this cat attacked my legs. It was a sneak attack that still has me traumatized (and my leg is sore). I am the victim here!

She has the common sense of a wombat, the grace of Ashley Simpson on SNL, and the loving nature of a grizzly bear. Please adopt her.

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