Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I see the Facebook posts saying grades are starting to be posted so I slowly type in the letters. My heart starts to race, my fingers start to shake...then the inevitable stomach churning started.

I usually have a pretty good guess what my grades are going to be but it terrifies me to assume I'm going to get a good grade and then, because I bombed an exam, just fail. I know the stats are with me saying I probably won't fail if I study and have done well during the course but its' a fear.

So I open up my browser and there they are...1/2 my grades are posted. A B+ in War and Genocide and an A in Sociology. I was hoping to ace that W&G exam and haul up my mark but it didn't work.

So now I'm just waiting for the other 2 courses to come in (hopefully before Christmas). For the record, this is a form of torture albeit it, a nicer form than the typical types.

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