Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

I feel like I just told the world to f*** off or something equally as rude by the title of my blog. "Merry Christmas" is apparently the new four letter word because not everyone celebrates Christmas. (Oh crap, like I didn't realize that there are different religions and people who didn't believe in Jesus in the world even though I have the internet! I missed THAT memo!).

Well, not everyone takes a summer vacation either but we tend to ask how people are spending their summer. Not everyone gets a March Break but we usually ask about that too.

Get over it. Seriously, those who are religious are not stuffing a Christmas tree up your butt sideways saying "Worship or I'll holy war you" when they say "Merry Christmas." They're trying to be nice. Being nice- a new idea. Try it by biting your tongue and saying "Oh thanks! Happy Holidays!" (See, no one's forcing you to say merry Christmas...not even the underpaid cashier at Walmart who accidentally let a Christmas slip out).

You may or may not celebrate Christmas but screw 'politically correct' and say what you want. One of your rights is freedom of speech. That's right, you're allowed to say "Merry Christmas" and if anyone decides to be a Grinch about it, that Christmas tree may very well go up their ass (pointy end first).

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