Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random facts about me

-I am completely adorable in my own mind.

-I love to exercise

-I really like steak, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and fish...but I don't eat any of them.

-I hate the smell of mussels.

Note: After looking over my post from last night, I'm assuming I was really hungry!

-I strongly desire another tattoo

-I also want my tongue pierced

-At the age of 25, I still listen to my mother as she has strongly expressed her desire to rip a tongue piercing out of my mouth if I ever make the wrong decision according to her.

-I love the smell of cleaning products...the warning not to sniff is for me!

-I am extremely ticklish

-I am extremely violent when tickled

-I refuse to get old...I'll grow up but I'm still jumping in puddles and building a sand castle

-I have crazy dreams almost every night...usually I remember them

-I like wearing short skirts

-I still love cartoons (Fairly Odd Parents and Scooby Doo)

-I like being smart but I really enjoy vegging out!

-I hate making decisions that will still leave someone hurt.

-I'm naturally a blonde.

-I've had a ton of piercings but don't have any now

-I love speaking in public...I'm not really shy at all.

-My weekend hobbies are usually unhealthy but so much fun.

-I will answer a question honestly or choose not to answer but I refuse to lie.

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