Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hey're fat!

I just read an article from BBC that suggests family and friends should mention to their loved ones that they are gaining weight or overweight. They were being serious.

I'm not sure about the author's family, but in my house, you'd be slapped upside the head with a wooden spoon if you called someone fat.

The author may want to take note that MOST people probably already know they're not a size 2...especially when they get stuck in the dressing room at the mall with a size two shirt stuck around their double chin.

Look, I'm all for suggesting someone go for a walk, gym dates or offering gift cards to the gym for Christmas if they suggested they would be interested. I'm not okay going up to 85-year old Granny saying: "Maybe you shouldn't take a second helping of pie. You're getting a little chunky!" (For the record, my mam is a very petite lady).

Where is the common sense here? If you want to be invited to Christmas dinner, don't be known as the Fat Police. Take time to talk to people and if they mention it, pass along your advice if they're receptive to it. Don't just start handing out "Fat Fines" this season.

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