Saturday, April 7, 2012

Not always in the cards

I just watched a show that began by saying 'love will happen when you least expect it'...well, that's a nice thought but emotionally charged and a little stupid.

Love, while an emotion, also requires an action - some sort of give/take exchange of time, commitment etc. If you don't have time for someone, you don't have love. Now, some of us can say we'll 'make time' for someone...another great idea until one ends up destroying their GPA or career goals in an attempt to 'make time' for another person.

Love is a great emotion - personally I'm a fan. I'm also a fan of cupcakes, cell phones, jogging and underwear that don't cause a permanent wedgie and leave no panty-lines. I'm even a fan of spinach.

Love = spinach?

Love is a great idea but it's doesn't happen when you least expect it, it happens when you realize you have time for a loving relationship and you're unselfish enough to hold another person in the same regards you do for yourself.

Love > Spinach :D

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