Friday, April 6, 2012


It's funny how productive I am as I "study." I begin by sitting down, eager to dig into my notes...then I get hungry - so I cook a yummy tomato sandwich with baked brie melted into the toast, some oregano, lettuce, and a dash of chili spices.

Okay, food...I'm good. Study time...wait, I need a bottle of water. So I run and get some water.

Okay...I'm read...nope...I have to pee.

While peeing, I realize I have to call someone about a I spend 2 hours doing up a resume and speaking to someone about the job - which honestly, looks amazing!

So finally....a few hours later, I begin to actually study, then Facebook, texting, criminal minds, survivor, etc etc etc...continue to distract me...oooh and Neopets. Yep, I'm completely distracted.

After all this, I have no excuse. It's 7pm - I started at noon...and I'm studying...sort of.

Thankfully, I have a few days until exams and I know about the anabaptists...women of the're next.

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