Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another year done

As exhausted as I am at the moment, today being my last day of 3rd year classes has left me going wow...I have absolutely loved this year. It's been busy, complete insanity at some times, absolutely fun...and although there have been days where I've been completely in over my head, I'm unbelievably content with the work I've done, the friendships I've made, the people I've met, the traveling I've had the opportunity to do and ultimately, I'm proud that I am where I am.

I got into honours history, have maintained my GPA, broke up with a guy and went to work the next work has definitely kept me sane this term.

Yes, I address the issues here (I really do) but it's because I refuse to be apathetic. I truly believe this is a great place to be...yes, even while complaining. Every school has it's problems and UNBSJ is no exception. I've had more opportunities here than I can list...literally I've tried.

Anyways, Just had to say:

To everyone who has changed my life this year, thank you. To everyone who has helped me, listened to me and I now consider a friend, you are all incredible people. Thank you! This has been a great year and it's because of my new networks, friends, coworkers, and people I would consider family.

Thank you!

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