Sunday, April 1, 2012

say goodbye to the weekend

Texts from last night:

"HET" (Translation: Drunk Sammy says "Hello")

"My feet?" (Translation: I'm walking)

"My window broke? My cat died? this perv won't stop hitting on me? I wanna go for a walk and might get lost? (Translation: No idea)

"huh...your so much more interesting naked :P" (hmmm...I don't know about my train of thoughts but apparently, I'm a perv)

"I mean, I know I'm kickass but you're just...outta my league epic" (Translation: I don't know where I was going with this)

"I'm a professional drunk" (Not written by me - they meant "I text professionally when drinking)

"Sleeping bag camping combo...oooh tenting in the halls :p I have no idea where that idea came from (this was me: I was really excited about getting a tent and camping indoors apparently...even though I had a bed and am a terrible camper. I may have decided to have a campfire too...that'd be interesting).

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