Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Judging that book as usual

Ever wind up completely shocked by someone? I mean - so shocked you're convinced you understand their character enough that you could predict their movements...and they do a figurative 180 and leave you thinking "What the heck just happened here?"

So...I kissed someone, thinking "Okay, kinda cute but a little bit nerdy, but really chill which is always a bonus...definitely fun, good conversation, not my type but tall...tall always wins out. I'm pretty sure he's kissed a total of three girls in his life...eh, whatever (brain stops here) it's a kiss."

Easily in my top 5...Thing is, I think I'm pretty good at reading people and I pegged this guy as totally G-rated and I was wrong. So you're now probably going "What did she do with him?" It was only a kiss...but you can learn a lot from that one interactions - more than a handshake, I do think.

Anyways, it's now almost 1am and I'm exhausted. Hopefully, I'll be up bright and early to tackle this essay that I absolutely despise.

New Blog topic for tomorrow? How to screw up an interview royally.

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