Sunday, April 1, 2012

Never have I ever

Have you ever played the game 'never have I ever?' There are a few things that I will say I'll 'never' do but I have learned the hard way (repeatedly) don't sleep where you work. What's that, you say? I sleep in my office all the time - yes, yes I do...but this is more figurative.

Making networks at conferences, meetings, even at school is a great way to expand your social network. These people understand you, they know what you're dealing with - it's really friggin' cool to 'talk shop' with someone who is as passionate as you...but don't let that passion go below the belt.

You may need to work with these people someday - the last thing you want is for there to be awkward tension and simply put - ickyness. If you're both cool, wait a bit then meet up later...For the love of all that is good, vodka is great social lubricant but that doesn't mean excessively use it and end up in bed with your boss or something equally as heinous.

So why this tip? Well, mostly because it's a good lesson to learn. Mess up when you're younger and realize that it can easily be awkward...especially when they (or you) take someone else home at another meeting...yep, good thoughts eh?

Another thought - just because no one 'officially knows' doesn't mean they don't know....then go do the stupid things you're going to do with or without reading this warning.

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