Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let's pat ourselves on the back and remind everyone what a great job we're doing.

A university is about accomplishing one's dreams. It's the heart of the institution. So why the hell is administration paying it's not-unionized workers minimum wage? Why are they not saying to the groups that do have unions and are treated still treated like crap "we don't do business with people who treat their workers like this"?

Why are we okay getting to know these people, letting them help us through our University careers, leaning on them for support at times as we break down in the food lineup over a test and yet, we don't question why they are taking the bus, don't have a car, don't go on vacation to Florida or someplace nice...they're at a university working - it should be a pretty decent job, right?

We don't question why the employees come to work when they're sick...we don't really question much of anything, do we?

As we are getting our education, we're allowing people to be suppressed by minimum wage. I was told "Well, it went up to 10$/hr..." SO WHAT??? Have you tried to LIVE on 10$/hr? It's not easy especially after taxes!

Ask people at this school how long they've been here and how many raises they get. Thing is, most of the jobs the 'university' offers are actually outsourced - the university gets a 'don't blame us' card because it's obviously not their fault that they're not holding companies to a semi-moral code of conduct and would expect them to pay their employees fairly..

Yep, I get it - this is reality and sometimes reality is unfair but in an institution where my dreams are being reached, maybe I want to help someone else reach theirs. As much as I love my school, this outsourcing crap is just that...crap. But oh wait - it's not the university's fault, is it? It's someone elses because it's outsourced.

The blame game will never work. Let's put the blame where it started. Outsourcing = cheap labour = crappy wages = oppression.

PS: Let's see what happens with our bookstore in a few years - oh wait, we can't because the managers retired when it changed over.

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