Monday, February 13, 2012

A story to remind me that things get better.

There once was a land - not far from here - actually it was right here where it was ruled by an evil overlord named Fluffy Bunny.

Admittedly, the name Fluffy Bunny did not install fear into the hearts of the students: both nobility and overly cologned (formally known as the unwashed but their union got together and thought this was a derogatory statement as there was quite a bit of humidity in John Saint which lead to default washing). Fluffy Bunny was terrible though - she bit her subjects and pooped in the pepsi cooler. Within weeks, she was an unloved overlord - and the masses revolted.

They borrowed the Baxter Milk truck and chased Fluffy Bunny up a tree where the science students had rigged a laser to a nearby building and fried her.

Fluffy Bunny will be served in the cafeteria tomorrow afternoon with peas, carrots and mashed potatoes.

Anthony Enman has first dibs on a drumstick.


  1. Bunnies don't have drumsticks, lol...and this carrots and potatoes thing sounds suspiciously like the fate of a Roo named Peep! :P

    1. My stories have inspiration...what can I say?

  2. Poor Peep. Eaten by a 5 year old who knew exactly who and what she was munching on...and then going to school the next day and traumatizing the other kids in Kindergarten by telling them all about her adventure with Peep the Rooster. From being attacked to attacking him while on her plate. :P