Monday, February 13, 2012

Know thy enemies

I absolutely hate not knowing something that may impact me - whether it is information about something I did wrong, something someone said or pretty much anything else - so when I got an email today about a meeting, I was concerned.

So for my next blog, a top seven list of how to prepare to defend yourself professionally:

1) Refuse to give an answer: I only suggest this when the question is absolutely none of their business. If someone brings up 'One two many', I decline to answer. Why? Because I have freedom of speech and also, this is not my professional writing. This is my method of attracting people to my unique pattern of thoughts and let people know what's going on in my life.

2) Dress professionally: There's something about walking into a room thinking "I look like I'm ready to kick some ass." If you're in sweats, you'll feel like a sock. Wear your power suit and rock it.

3) Don't drink coffee (okay, maybe a little bit) and no coke: Look, you want to be suave and you can't be that person if you're hyped up on java or illegal white substances.

4) Do your homework: Know the complaint, piece together possible situations and solutions. Don't walk into a meeting where you're going to be questioned without having the questions. It's a stupid move because you could be blindsided and wind up picking yourself up off the ground.

5) Don't be intimidated: You're doing a job and mistakes happen. Even if you're wrong, learn from it but don't let people scare you either...unless you've embezzled millions and are going to afraid.

6) Don't interrupt but don't be afraid to speak either: Do not just sit there in silence. If you were right and you're being blamed for something - speak up. If you were wrong and you're being called out on it - apologize.

7) Anxiety makes you work harder - Let your anxiety work for you and just work your butt off until you're comfortable.

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