Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sleeping arrangements

Last night was my first night curled up in my own bed alone since Tuesday and just let say this - I love it. Most people are so sentimental or excited about sleeping over (literally, just sleeping mom) at a friend's or boyfriend's house or at a hotel.

I'm almost the opposite - I really enjoy just sleeping alone. I don't like the warmth (or cold) of another person. I'm a blanket hog, I snore, I don't like giving my pillows away. Yes, it's selfish but I don't like one side of the bed or another...I like the middle!

Thankfully, I don't go away TOO often and my boyfriend is amazing about giving me space - an essential in my life.

Now to head out for a bit and go out for a drive - I need a bit of a moment away from studying (not that much studying has been accomplished today).

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