Friday, February 17, 2012

A boys night out

So my boyfriend is out on a bender with the boys tonight. Now, let me put things in perspective here - he's not a heavy drinker, we've had one drinking night since we got together. He, like every other student, is stressed, tired and slightly worn out. He had a chill weekend and was able to relax and go out with the boys.

Now, here's where I come in - anytime I was with my ex, I didn't recognize it but I was terrified he was going to cheat on me when he was out with the guys. I didn't know WHAT he was up to, got no details and didn't trust him worth anything...

New BF...hmm...he needs a nickname and I bet he'd be ticked if I called him Pooky so lets call him...Pooky (after Garfield's teddy bear).

I trust Pooky (oh, I like this nickname). I didn't realize that I haven't really trusted anyone since Justin (I don't care about him so his real name can go on here). I've always expected guys to hurt me so I ran away first...ran may actually be an understatement - I hightailed it faster than a fat kid going after the ice cream cart!

Pooky is out with the boys and I trust him...that's a pretty amazing feeling! And it's 11pm and he's texting that he's done being out with the boys...he misses me and wants to come over.

Gotta say, I'm smiling.

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