Friday, February 17, 2012

A great end to a...not so great week

After a week that I can only call full of turmoil, Friday ended amazingly. As my close friends know, some things I've been advised not to blog about - work stuff.

One thing after another led to a weekend where I was ready to just say 'I'm done with this job, this school and I just don't care about it anymore.' was that bad. Thankfully, when things get bad - good things happen.

Someone thanked me for my work with the paper, other people asked how I was doing with the meeting I had - my boyfriend was amazing. I really can't ask for anyone better and finally, we have the Blood Drive at the school - the one I organized.

Let's just say I remember why I do this. People are ultimately good and they deserve the opportunity to show they are willing to help others. I am so proud of my school, the students I am with, people who came down to try to donate blood and people who were terrified and still did.

The blood drive was successful enough we ran out of time and had to turn people away. This really is a great day!

I stayed in tonight to get some homework done, a test on Monday and another test on Thursday. Both are not easy classes and I definitely have a lot to study for this weekend. My boyfriend is having a boys night out - more to come in the next blog on that one :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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