Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turtle moments, a sprained ankle and a long day

I had good intentions today...I really did. I planned to go get the UVA/UVB light needed for Ludwig and then come home and do homework...that didn't really happen though.

While walking through the mall, I realized my foot was getting even more sore...and then, I ended up falling as my ankle kind of 'let go'...and no, I wasn't drunk. Turns out I have a bad sprain and will need physio for it to repair the damage. Basically, my ankle has been sprained so many times it's more likely to continue (oh goody).

Ludwig - what an expensive pimped out turtle. She now has the bulb, a temperature gauge on the side of her tank, her rocks...her precious stick, a floating dock...and a calcium stick...oh, and her treats. She is loved...and yet, she hates me. What a girl.

Apart from that, now it's time for me to do homework and get my butt in gear. I want A's this term.


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