Thursday, May 3, 2012


So I didn't get the Grad Class Coordinator position but apparently I have a lot of enthusiasm etc etc etc and they're really hoping I'll get involved and...yeah, I kinda stopped reading there.

Okay, why would I really want to get involved at the moment? Once again, I'm not good enough. Yeah yeah, I know, don't take it personally but it's really hard NOT to take this sort of thing personally. It's even harder to just say "Oh goody, why don't I just go rub salt in my wounds of 'taking it personally' and help out while I'm at it?" -no thanks.

So no matter how nicely the email is worded, it's still just an email saying "yep, not good enough"...So thank you for once again reminding me of that. And yes, I'm sad and yes, I'm grumpy but I'm sure the person that got it will do an awesome job and she is a sweetie so at least, if I get a chance to go to these events, it'll be great.


  1. It has nothing to do with "not good enough" and everything to do with "This is not the job you are supposed to have". You are TOO good for the job. They don't deserve you. :)

  2. Im sorry you didn't get the job!! They'll regret it when the one they picked fails:):)